Binding Spirits

Hey guys,
does any one of you have an idea of how to bind a spirit after evoking it?
Any sources or information on this topic is greatly appreciated.

I would suggest getting BOA from EA, or his complete works. Mehmion is a Nether in BOA that can teach you to bind any spirit whatsoever.

I mean can u REALLY bind a spirit? Cuz if a spirit CANNOT be bound in a triangle and a spirit CAN penetrate the circle, how can u bind it??

The terms binding and trapping spirits is a bit off in my opinion. Those who see it as such are often viewing this from an arrogant perspective. Bound to an act ov power or object is perhaps more about the aligning intentions and power rather then the causal use ov the word “binding”.

usually you evoke one spirit to bind another

I agree with what necromaster said, you will usually evoke an entity and the bound spirit will be one of those that serve them. It will be a spirit in alignment with the evoked entity as far as what thier specialties are. Though this is just from my experience.

An example would be evoking murmur to bind an spirit of the dead