Binding spells

so i need some help with performing a binding spell.
a ”witch”, if you could even call her that, was coming to me for advice for sometime. however recently a young person i know came to me about inappropriate behavior done by this adult to them and so now i see fit to bind this person in every way to see they do not perform magick or act abusively again.
keep in mind, this is a Catholic who wanted to learn magick to get away with bad deeds. i would not say they are powerful at all so a binding should be relatively easy.
any advice or spells i could do? thanks

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Call upon Fortiar, the Binding Demon, from Kingdoms of Flame. He has “the power to bind and even destroy the gifts of another, the permanence of which depends solely upon the victim’s own magical skill.”


thank you very much, this is extremely useful. i’ll do more research on this demon asap