Binding spell?


I’m wondering if there’s a potent spell to bind someone to me that is irreversible?
And no, I don’t want love. I only want this person to me for personal reasons and

Please share me with your rituals!



I used to be in balkan witchcraft and I have some binding rituals from that- i’ll send them your way


Yes! I would so appreciate it!!

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I’m not sure if they’re “irreversible” but it’s from traditional witchcraft- not something modern. I’ll pm you them after I find the book.


Thank you so much!!!


I would be happy if you might also pm me this information as i wish to do the samething.

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Nothing is irreversible. If the person you are binding has a strong enough will, the binding will be broken in time, especially if his Higher Self or spiritual guardians get involved.


Corwin Hargrove’s jinn book has a ritual to lock a situation. Meaning a binding. Use that for time needed and then use his ritual unlock a situation to undue the effects of the last ritual. I’ve already had results with multiple rituals in his book and ur situation describes the ritual


Beware this is a black magic spell…
You will need a organic chicken wing, photo, red ribbon, wax paper, candle, and your blood.
You’re going to light the candle. Take the chicken wing and write with it on the wax paper your name and his name over each other all the way down the wax paper… you won’t see it, again you’re using the chicken wing.
Now with the candle, drop exactly seven drops of wax on the paper so that your names are sealed together. Now prick your finger with the needle and drop the blood on the paper – right on top of where you have dropped the wax. Take a photo of you and a photo of the person you want bound to you. Drop red wax on the fronts of the photos and quickly stick them together. Take the photos and wrap it around the chicken wing. Place it in the middle of the wax paper and say this: Gekali bekuta bestima sto sto beg!! Until you feel empowered, you will feel the energy vortex build up. Put all that energy and force of what you want into the ritual. When done take the thread or ribbon and turn the entire thing into a tiny package and bury it the same day. The rest of the candle needs to be burnt under the full moon.


May I ask why chicken wing?

Im also interested in learning binding magick.
Can you send the rituals/spells to me also?

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I too wanted that spell, can you send me?

i’m doing some research rn but ill send them in a bit

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Can you just post them on the forum so we can all learn them… :blush:


If i can ask (in this topic) how to unbind myself if someone binded me?

Perform a limpia upon yourself.


It is strong engout to unbind from astral entity?

Yes. That is the whole point.

It is a cleansing. It removes parasites, attachments, and bindings.

Is there less catholic version? (without cross or Yahwe prayer)