Binding spell

Please could someone give me advise on a binding spell ? One I need to bind their actions and two bind them to me, so would I need to do two bindings or just the one? And any specific ritual with 3 knots?

I’ve done one in the past with a photo and red string - it worked really well. However the person did go a little nutty I should say!

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Is this a love binding or a binding to harm the other person? Please elaborate?

It’s for love @FraterMagni

there are several Knot Spells. Go to youtube - and look up knot spell Raven ways has one the has the person binding them measure the length of their umm.

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Sorry measure what?!!!

You cut the string the exact length of their penis. and then from there tie the 7 knots.

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Thanks @damia2hell Is there a chant to say whilst tying 7 knots,

and what if I want to bind someone’s gob up and she’s female or worse curse the b****h cos she’s really hacking me off now!!

Go to youtube and find ravenways video its very simple. and She is lovely

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Oh shit I cant find the video anymore. let me find one for you

1 Like I have used this and the black candle manipulation spell she has.

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Thank you @damia2hell I’m going to take a look. I’m either on this site or YouTube !!!

What were your results if you don’t mind me asking? I have good results previously (diff person) but this one, boy, is making me work for it! I have to get rid of the other person as well somehow (not a gf ) who is meddling and making things worse

um I had to stack alot of spells on top of each other but Chuparosa and her shrine has been amazing… I Light a candle on Friday for her ontop of a honey jar.

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@damia2hell that’s really good to hear thank you for sharing.