Binding Souls


I have been considering something as of late.
In the event that one should find an enemy nearing the end of their time on this plane, is anyone aware of the exact details of binding a spirit? Not just to further degrade that person, but to force them to repay the wrongs they have caused in your life.
I am aware that this is a high level technique. One must be able to merge their consciousness with theirs and force them into submission - this I know for sure - I am also quite aware that this technique is an extremely dangerous undertaking, so no warnings or recommended alternate course of actions are necessary.
My question is, does anybody know how exactly to bind the spirit to the selected object once their spirit is in complete submission and prepared for the binding?
I assume some sort of ‘astral matrix’ is generated and caused to bond the two. If anybody has any extra insight into this, it would be quite welcome.
Necromaster - I figure you would be one of the few who might understand this procedure. :slight_smile:


Another idea is if you arent confident in your ability to do so yourself, maybe you would want to evoke an entity that knows how and have them bind the spirit of your enemy for you. That would be a less risky route, though a bit less educational.


yeah, I had actually thought of that - but I think I would like to experience being in the mix and actually performing the operation. But - if worse comes to worse and I can’t get the skill or knowledge before then, I’ll probably end up doing that.


Been working on something similar to this with the last demon in house retztael. Things of this nature require a lot of knowledge… very advanced


I found this on
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Here are all of the important quotes concerning spirit binding should you not wish to follow the link, also so that it will be a resource located on this site. However, due credit is given to [Nairn,devakxes,Veritas_Requiem, and Vir Sapiens]:

“… it’s not for anyone who’s new to magickal practice. Or who simply wishes to do it for kicks. Binding spirits is like juggling hot irons: if you make a tiny mistake, you’re going to get burned. And with Goetic spirits it’s more like juggling bombs, and at the same time trying to diffuse them.
Also, in order to bind something your personal power must be greater than the spirit. Or the ritual magnifies your power to be more potent than the spirit. If not, it’s similar to chaining up a tiger using twine and a spoon”


“I know how to use blood to bind spirits but that is dangerous… considering the spirit might become bound to you instead of the object it is going to be bound too.
As of using energy though I’d like to know if anyone has any knowledge of this.
The only other thing that I have seen used to … keep a certain ghost trapped in an area was through vesta powder. It is a hoodoo concoction that when thrown in fire it explodes. Consequentially it also cleanses a certain area. However it is to be used specifically outside. If it isn’t used outside it ends up going and ‘‘solidifies’’ into a kind of ward in the walls (that is, the energy of the area). So the spirits within my friend’s house were trapped in the house because his brother did this and didn’t know what he was doing.
We theorized though… that if a spirit is capable of shape-shifting or expanding/contracting… it should be possible to keep them in a jar. Granted, the spirit would be very pissed off when released but it would end up going and being a good vessel.”


“I came across some information a while back while looking into the process behind skinwalking… My method is a mix between ceremonial magick and hoodoo. First the vessel is prepared by making it suitable for the host. Cleanse it and then align it to whatever power the entity in question is resonating with. For example if it is an earth spirit, bury the vessel in fresh earth for 7 days focusing your rituals on having it absorb and align with whatever resonates with your particular spirit. This can actually get really complicated depending on how far you wanna go to align it, and what forms of symbolism you incorporate. I.e. Aligning with particular weather conditions, planetary phases, etc. Next, Contact the spirit in question and ask for something, normally during these transactions, the spirit asks for some payment in return. Next, place the object it seeks within the vessel…( This is not always possible, So if this is the case then refer to the next method…which will follow shortly.) The point is to trick the spirit into entering the vessel in order to receive whatever form of payment it asks for. ( the vessel should be placed in the triangle if your practices utilize such… ) As the spirit enters the vessel, begin performing the binding spell, use whatever you know/ are comfortable with… knots, rootwork, incantations, etc. Try and focus on the spirit and the vessel fusing together. After the spirit is bound, it will become obstinate. In order to get it to comply with your demands, i recommend using compelling oil, or candle rites with the spirit’s Sigil carved into the candle’s face. (Preferably both). Be aware that the spirit will be quite irritated with what just occured and will seek retribution if it ever gets loose. So, regularly reinforce your binding and domination rituals.


“You can also use a mirror to trap the spirit in question. This process is a little bit trickier, as it requires a fair amount of skill with energy work, scrying and psychometry. First, the mirror ( dark mirror, not the reflective kind), should be consecrated in the manner described in my previous post. Next, Summon the spirit into the triangle, (once again… if your practices utilize such things) and extend your senses onto it. Focus on it’s entirety and the particular feeling that it gives off. I really can’t find the words to describe this better…its hard to define certain concepts with words… so, im gonna just give the cliff notes version of this… basically it involves discovering and tying the essence of the spirit to the essence of the mirror. the method to pull it into the mirror is akin to bardon’s pore breathing as described in initiation to hermetics, but instead of drawing energy into yourself, you focus on drawing the spirits essence, its very core into the mirror and then tying the root of its being to the root of the mirrors. The method to find the root of both objects, or at least the method i use is Samadhi… Once this is done, then a binding seal is placed on the mirror face and then domination, as described in the practice above. A little research and a little practice and you should be well on you way to utilizing this method. This can be performed if the spirit is evoked into a mirror and it can also be used (>>>though i advise against it<<<) to bind a human soul, if the soul is scryed on and pulled into the mirror whilst the person sleeps. It will not steal the soul however unless other criteria are met, which i will not discuss here, as i am certain it would violate the rules of the site… It simply turns the individual in question into a sort of zombie… kinda like someone with really bad insomnia. Neither dead or alive, just kinda drifting through life… (which is why you should be careful who takes your picture ) Anyways, i hope that this has been somewhat informative, i tried to keep it fairly loose so that individuals could adapt it to their individual rites and practices, if i can think of a better way to word this second post, i will reply again… Be aware that this falls into a very grey region that is dangerously close to black magick, and should not be performed lightly as the consequences can be dire… Angry Malevolent spirits… Warnings aside, Have Fun!!!”


“Old reflective mirrors work well too just not modern reflective mirrors. The materials used in modern mirrors are usually aluminum sprayed onto glass but older mirrors used silver nitrate pressed between two layers of glass and then reduced. The end result is something like a primitive capacitor in which you have a semi or non conductive outer core surrounding a conductive inner core. I’ve found it works quite well in summoning and binding a spirit provided you back up the inherent properties of the mirror with appropriate wards and bindings.”


“As the blood dies it draws in energy. If you shed enough blood, it can draw in a spirit and make it bound to the object that the blood is shed on. The problem revolves around that since you still have blood in your system - the spirit will not only be bound to the object but to you. It is dangerous because it can allow the spirit to change your experiences of life, depending on how powerful the spirit is. The benefit is being able to take that spirits’ energy at Will and taping into their powers… although it is normally not worth it.”