Binding and cursing for beginners

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What is an effective method of binding and cursing a handful or two of people, including some unknowns that show up in a different state on your tail snapping photos of you?
I’m talking make them experience what I have, physically, mentally, and spiritually, until the problem person/people are identified, and then put the problem people through a literal hell if not death?
Not talking BALG members btw.

I think I have a few resources as well as curses here, I just want ti to be quick, exact and tormenting.

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I do have a few resources, but the more the merrier.

Never mind, I’ll find what I can on my own.

Not exactly what you are looking for but here it is.

Charles Cosimano has written many book on Psionics. It is awesome for learning and healing, but it can be used destructively also :wink:


Right on. Appreciate it @ElectricDragon :slight_smile:

I have a few grimoires that aren’t terribly rare, and other resources, but again the more the merrier.

You will require a radonics box, its simple to make about $50 or you can buy it for about $300.


You could always go the poppet route


Cool. Thanks all.

I agree with you @ElectricDragon l! I use a digital radionics app and it’s excellent. One method I’ve had success with is broadcasting a sigil - either making one with my intent fused into it, or a spirit’s sigil. Also the pentacles of Solomon are great. Saturn and Mars pentacles for getting rid of enemies. I used this method once on a guy who was pestering a friend of mine.

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Also @Fuego- do you have the book Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield? That is excellent and I think his best book to date. It has rituals for dealing with enemies, including a binding ritual and a ‘Force exile’ ritual - to get someone to leave your work, home or whatever. I’ve used these rituals several times on problematic work colleagues and it’s been stunning. Works fast too. You can download the Kindle version very cheaply.


Psionic warfare is very useful even if you don’t use the radionics aspect of it, it works well with pretty much any form of magick. Baneful magick by ea is a good start as well and depending on what you’re looking for there’s a ton of hexing videos on youtube, Find what resonates with your goals and mix in your own workings.

a lot can be accomplished with something as simple as the sigil of a spirit, a psychic link to the target and a candle, open the sigil, create the link and use the candle flame as a portal to feed your hate towards the target and what you want to happen

hopefully that helps you :slight_smile: a bit of a broad suggestion


@Lillith_fan: I never heard of a digital app.
Can you tell me more about that??
How I can use it to make things happen?
How have you used it so far?

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They work in a way similar to the physical machines - you can set the rate for the target why. You just upload their photo in the witness box and then in the other boxes you can place sigil or symbols or the intent of what you want to accomplish…

If you do a search for digital radionics apps you’ll get them coming up. Some are more expensive than others. I use one called Cyberwitch Spellcaster. That’s only about $40. I’ve not used it that much but it was effective a couple of times in stopping annoying people bothering me or a friend.

Apparently though it can work with the schematics of a machine drawn on paper. It’s the intent and energy behind it that’s what really matters.


@Lillith_fan is that a device or a software?

@Sortiarus she is taking about the software. There are machines also. Many people say that just diagrams also work.