Biggest Magical Failures

So there is a thread for success stories and I wanted to create the opposite. What are your worst magical failures. As in spells that either didn’t work or didn’t work as intended because misery loves company and also because it’s easy to be deflated when so many people have success.

I’ll start:

  • Summoning Choronzon without a sigil and nominal chanting. It did not work, although some might consider that a success

  • Trying to introduce a friend to magic and getting a “you crazy” response.

  • Trying every single get your ex back spell while lusting for results. Obviously it didn’t work.


Terrible readings with the Rider Waite system, until I learned the Thoth deck and everybody loved me again

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I left a sigil on my mirror and my sister saw it! Accused me of being a satanist… i really though I can get away with it with “hide my magick” spell… turns out I need to be more careful…


wanted to heal a severely ill person “last minute” and without thinking any further, I was really rushed and under pressure and I couldn’t think straight.
It worked out but in the end it made my own condition much worse and I had to be treated myself; I somewhat “took it on me”, so to speak because I couldn’t think when I made a speedrun through my emergency rite. Could have ended very bad for me if it wasn’t for fools luck and someones eyes over me during that time.
So yes, I think it was my biggest failure so far because stupidity and unnecessary emotions got the better of me instead of thinking stuff through.

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I won’t speak of my failures , but I’ve seen many hear voices , simply because they did not practice basic precautions .

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I was once called upon by a group of magicians to sacrifice an animal. My answer was, and is, “no.” I think the working would’ve been successful, but I just wasn’t going there. I was a teenager. I just wasn’t going to do it. I wouldn’t do it now, either, by the way.

I totally, completely botched an evocation (I was about 19, maybe) of Phenex. Long story. As I once posted here, it turned into an occult comedy of errors. Constant interruptions when nobody should have been awake or around. Weird things happening in the house (I, being brilliant as usual, chose a Christian minister’s house to do this in - long story.)

I failed to use magickal retribution against someone involved in abuse, and have always regretted it. This is a moral failure on my part.

I was, and sometimes still am, by my own admission, a chickenshit.

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