Bigfoot, Wendigo and other mythical creatures

So here’s a weird thought,

Could a person potentially, by using native art and hieroglyphs as a sort of sigil contact or evoke something like a Sasquatch, Wendigo or other ancient mythical creature?

My notion is that maybe these things might be Spirits of some variety.

I know there’s a few other topics on this subject, but I’m wondering if anyone has actually tried it.

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I saw Wendigos in my dreams before (between aged 11-16), it is not impossible contacting with them via dreams. You can communicate with them.

They appeared to me before some of my near one’s death, but they don’t want to hurt me, at all. I don’t know why, but their last visit in my dreams happened when I was 15-16 years old.

If you would do some researches about symbols in connection with Wendigos, you can figure out a good ritual, before you go to sleep, or something.

Edit.: Or if I will have a little time to put my hand on my old laptop, I can send you some old document and symbols about them.


If you want one to potentially kill you, yes. I do not recommend this.
Not all sasquatch are receptive to communications with humans of our kind. Theyre even less receptive towards human men of our kind.
Some will psi attack you. They are not animals, but ancient humans.
They suggest not to even think of Wendigo as they will hear you and are not friendly.

So to answer you…yes, it is possible. If you are serious, and mean well I could facilitate a connection. We would have to talk on it.


Hell if your up for an adventure some bigfoot/sasquatch can be found in West virginia. It’s a big secret down there cause they don’t want outsiders tearing up the wildlife and want them to live in peace. Green light fae live in certain parts too. They show up anytime day or night. Sometimes a few other times fields, forests and mountainsides covered with hundreds of them. I was born in fae territory.

Also, the native american stories of blood drinking shapshifters are true. I forgot the name of them but the process to become one is pretty wicked involving killing and drinking the blood of a family member. Preferably mother or father it yields a stronger effect.


I thought Wendigos were shapeshifters?

As I understand it, and correct me if I’m wrong, Wendigo were/are humans that were either turned into monsters after eating human flesh, or became one after being possessed by a malevolent spirit with an insatiable craving for human flesh. Cannibalism is their defining trait.

A Skinwalker is a shapeshifting. malevolent witch.

Edit: I should add that Wendigo are said to grow in size the more flesh they consume, but so too does their hunger. They are never satisfied.


I feel that wendigos were made up to explain why humans cave into their instincts (eg. the need to eat to survive) during a food shortage in winter.

Even if it isn’t, evoking one sounds like a bad idea.


You can evoke anything, not just spirits. I vividly remember EA saying that it’s completely possible to evolve a chair or a table (more evidence that spirits are all aspects of the subconscious).

But, I did see Bigfoot once when I was 8, living in William’s Lake, B.C.

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some argentinian dude captured a gnome a while ago

i wouldn´t trust those type of creatures, they give me a really bad vibe

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As I know it, that is correct, DK.

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