Big trouble ahead for the human race that could still be changed now

Hi there dear all, I found this video online of gnosis communicated by Lilith,
Her position in this is that she wants humanity to thrive. I know that some of us are hoping for the end of all b.s. in the world, but, think about all the individuals and things you DO like, there are lots of people in the world fighting for what is good, as well, they need you in order to thrive, after all this is your home, ans our job in this period is to stand up and fight. This is real, and it is now.

The ‘new world order’ guys are part of the following cause if they are not dealth with now, first and all that work to the detriment of our human race as a whole. The effects mentioned are a potential reflection of humanity’s apathy towards the value of life itself, and standing up for and defend what we know is right, in the grand scale of thing;

Letting the new world order guys do their thing and see them ‘burn and enslave’ our world, which is what they are doing in huge degrees now, will take greater proportions.

Bringing humanity back to a true unified ’ ‘brotherhood’ as awakened self empowered sovereign gods and goddesses, (Including women here too) and as individuals to be for the better, and be able to stand up for the value of life is what Lucifer as the source of all wants.

Remember the words of Azazel
‘Wake up or die in your sleep’

We ourselves are at the forefront deciding how we as living beings go down on this planet.

Please engrave these words in your heart and mind:

“Let there be no fate but what you make for yourself”


Just did a ritual with metatron michael, gabriel and abbadon for the world around this…

Will that be enough?
If anyone can channel, feel free to send your gnosis of what Michael or metatron have to say about the efficiëncy of a global ritual with them and what else may be necessary to not have our world turn to a mess?

Like any ritual points/requests we should add or so, generally or specifically.

Anything else they have to share?
(Or demons, or spirits…) in relation to the above?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t care less

You can send them all the letters that you want, but remember that other people are sending them letters asking for the opposite of what you are asking, and ultimately they will do what they consider that it’s better for their agenda. Powerful entities do things all the time without us asking them to do them, the idea of mass rituals where people ask them stuff is like giving a baby a toy steering wheel so he/she thinks that is driving the car.

You can’t bring humanity back to something that never existed

That’s not my kind of heaven

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