Big Three Reading

I’m going to be offering a big three reading to the first three people who comment on this. This is purely for fun and to improve my skills, though I study astrology I do not claim to be an expert of any kind. :slight_smile:

To enter please comment your big three placements- Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign. If you do not know your birth time and therefore cannot find your Rising Sign you can comment your Mercury, Venus, or Mars sign instead.

If you don’t know your placements go here and put in your information. You should see the chart when you scroll down enough. The Rising Sign will be in the first house and have the prefix “ASC” or be listed as just “Ascendant”. An example of your big three would be:

“Aquarius Sun
Scorpio Moon
Saggitarius Rising”


I would like to take one, please :slight_smile:
Virgo Sun
Pisces Moon
Capricorn rising


Me too please!

Scorpio sun
Capricorn moon
Taurus rising


Me too please
Sun sign Scorpio
Moon sign Taurus
Mercury Scorpio


Virgo Sun - Virgo Suns take pride in being organized and analytical. You may strive to be constantly removing obstacles from your life so that you can focus on your growth. Virgo Suns take criticism very seriously and sometimes will have harsh reactions to it, but they’ll usually take it to heart because of how perfectionary they are. Usually, their egos are pretty reserved until it comes to something they know a lot about and then they will be very passionate about it. Be careful not to be too harsh on yourself.

Pisces Moon- Pisces Moons are very sensitive. They’re very emotionally in touch with life, so much so to the point where they take everything too seriously or disassociate. Very avid dreamers who are constantly in another world. They tend to be easy to emotionally manipulate since they like to feel sympathy for everyone around them. Usually, they are highly spiritual beings. They like to nurture people by feeling empathy for the people around them. Often times they have cluttered homes as well.

Capricorn Rising- When people first see you they may see a very strong person, who has a somewhat cold tone to them. They often times come off very defensive to the world and appear to always need to be working on something. Usually, Capricorn Risings are chosen for positions in businesses due to their dependable and financially aware demeanors.

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Very much so, especially at the moment :smiley:


Ha, funnily enough todays overall vibe was “I will be nicer to myself from now on”

Yes, but thankfully enough I am over this “sympathy for everyone” trope by now. I was played like a fiddle because of this :upside_down_face:

Guilty again :see_no_evil:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: If you’ll ever need a reading about something, hit me up (I am using Lenormand Cards most of the time)


Scorpio Sun- Scorpio Suns are very reserved. Often times they don’t like to put themselves on display and prefer to be mysterious to the world. As a person, they can sometimes feel as if they’re very ‘dark’ so to say. Often times they can be horribly stubborn, and are willing to go to just about any length to remove obstacles on their paths, and usually will have a hard time accepting they need a new one. They hold quite the reputation for being intimidating. Often times Scorpio Suns find enjoyment in sexual activity and things such as dark humor. Often times they’re drawn to the Occult.

Capricorn Moon- Capricorn Moons have a tendency to be emotionally cold, almost as if they see emotions as a distraction from their growth. Usually, they’re great at turning their emotions on and off at will. They can come off as very defensive if someone does actually manage to offend them. In general, when someone needs their comfort they are very dependable, but more so in a ‘pat on the back’ or ‘go outside and distract from emotions’ kind of way, as opposed to being good at understanding someone’s emotions and saying the right things.

Taurus Risings- Taurus Risings come off as very sensual grounded beings, though they have some stubbornness in their aura because of Taurus being a fixed Earth sign. Their auras usually radiate love, dependency- and a bit of boringness. Taurus Risings can come off as plain. Often times they’ll have very prominent neck areas or problems there. Early foundations in life for Taurus Risings usually have to do with stability, sensory stimulation, and love.

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May I please get one?
Sun capricorn
Moon scorpio
Aries risin

Thank you

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(Going to repost what I did for someone else’s Scorpio Suns since it’s the same placement if you’d like me to read your Mars or Venus as well I will)

Scorpio Sun- Scorpio Suns are very reserved. Often times they don’t like to put themselves on display and prefer to be mysterious to the world. As a person, they can sometimes feel as if they’re very ‘dark’ so to say. Often times they can be horribly stubborn, and are willing to go to just about any length to remove obstacles on their paths, and usually will have a hard time accepting they need a new one. They hold quite the reputation for being intimidating. Often times Scorpio Suns find enjoyment in sexual activity and things such as dark humor. Often times they’re drawn to the Occult.

Taurus Moon- Taurus Moons like to express their emotion through their bodies, they’re big lovers of affection. On the same note, they might not be too good at consoling someone’s emotions but they will certainly give out a hug if necessary. They are very dependable people and prefer to stay at home most of the time. Usually, they’re in quite neutral moods, and tend not to feel emotions too heavily- though this is not to say that they’re emotionally cold, they’re more rational than anything. Taurus Moons will usually cope with their emotions through touch, food, and sometimes even substances. Often times they are not very good visionaries unless it comes to building stable relationships.

Scorpio Mercury- Scorpio Mercury is a sign of very blunt communication. In debates, they often have a hard time seeing someone else’s perspective on things. It takes a lot for them to throw back insults, but when they do they are guaranteed to be violent, a one-and-done remark for their opponent. They can be great liars, just as they can easily detect lies from others. Scorpio Mercurys are great at making other people feel their words exactly how they want them to. Usually they enjoy dark humor.

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Ah yes, that’s very me.

Hmm, I’d call it “Searching for practical solutions, rather than talking.” :wink:

I can…distance myself from myself, if that makes any sense, to understand why I feel what I feel, but that doesn’t mean it’s turned off. If it’s an emotion like anger or sadness, I usually know I have to feel that now in order to be able to leave it behind. I think I learned that. “If you’re walking through hell, always keep walking.”

I’m not ashamed of it. :relieved:

And thank you very much. :sparkles:


Sure just tell me which one you want and I’ll tell you :slight_smile:

True but I’m not much into dark humor

I can console well but sometimes yes it can be difficult and i do love just love Food ^^ but no i don’t do any substances.

True for the debate part but i can see what the other person’s Prespective is. No I’m actually a very honest person but i will say there are times i do lie for reasons sadly but mostly I’m very honest as for all the others yes it was accurate so thanks :slight_smile:

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Capricorn Sun- Capricorn Suns pride themselves on being hard workers, and they have very defined goals. So much so to the point where a Capricorn’s main ideal in life is gaining things, usually money (or some other physical possession). They can be quite conservative with their money and possessions, but it’s usually out of the strong urge to keep themselves well managed. When their ego is touched in the wrong way (calling a Capricorn a failure is an especially easy way to hurt their ego) they go very defensive and often times will shun the person.

Scorpio Moon- Scorpio Moons feel emotion intensely, probably the most of all the signs. However, they can be somewhat hard to hurt emotionally. They do not like to show their vulnerability to people unless they’re sure they can trust with their entire life. When they are hurt by someone they will start planning their revenge, and even after getting it they may have a hard time letting go since they’re a fixed Water sign. They have great intuition, and can often sense other people’s emotions. Those emotions can be felt on an empathic level for Scorpio Moons, which allows them to comfort adequately. Great emotional manipulators and deceivers- you can almost never lie to them. Their coping mechanisms usually include violence and sexual acts.

Aries Rising- Aries Risings often come off as intimidating, yet very lively people. People often will choose to approach Aries Risings as their knight in shining armor, due to their heroic ideals. However, to some they will come off as hot-headed and overly-emotional. If people are willing to see past that at your foundation they will meet someone who is a passionate conqueror of all things in life, so long as it can hold their attention at surface level.

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Can I have a reading, pleaaaaase, or is it too late?

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Sure, just comment your big three (or any three inner placements from your chart)

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Sun Taurus
Moon Aries
Rising Acuarius


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Taurus Sun- Taurus Suns are people who pride themselves on being down to Earth. It’s easy to understand a Taurus, and they usually like simple things. Taurus is the most physically possessive of the Zodiac, so they really love material items, especially ones they can get pleasure from. Affection, food, gifts, and sensuality (sex as well) are key ways to make them happy. They’re loyal partners and look for a stable relationship to fulfill themselves. But, sometimes they can be very stubborn, lazy, and boring.

Aries Moon- Aries Moons are very sensitive people. They take almost every emotion too seriously and often act aggressively when they’re upset- and it’s very easy to upset them. They love travelling places on a day-to-day basis and constantly dream about new passions they can take up. Their style of nurture is to be the avenger. If they hear someone they care about has been wronged they often take up not so much getting revenge, but more so giving the person what they deserve in a warrior type way. Aries is the knight in shining armor soldier archetype (like the god Ares and or Mars).

Aquarius Rising- Aquarius Risings come off as very intelligent people. However, they’re often seen as strange, or like that one weird kid (along with Scorpio risings who are the dark and edgy kids). People often go to them when they need ideas or help improving something in their daily life. They are the Water Bearers, so they’re seen as someone who can provide the world with the revolution it needs for growth. Aquarius Risings usually have very strong lower legs, but are also more prone to injuries in those areas, especially when used too often.

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Um… nop.

Yaasss, I’m the tipe of person that always seem ‘pessimistic’, brutally honest, but I believe this is my main pilar to keep my life alive.

Actually just have a few stuff that I consider as mine, but don’t let anybody touch or decide over that, I’ve seen that game played too many times.
Weak people that let strangers decide & take control over stuff that are just not theirs, then owner’s life ruined.
Boundaries matter.

I’m expossed. No words.

Now I understeand.

Yeah, thats me. I’d like to keep an eye over my emotional status. With the my type of life I need to avoid and repair traumas or any related to my psycological profile and emotions also matter.

Yeap, thats me!

Destiny has aligned everything to be in that way, is only fate (not kiddning).

I’m proud of it. Now I know from where comes the fire & agressiveness:

I don’t like to see myself as a intelligent, I mean the evidence doesn’t prove that! Lol

What!? I’m still a edgy kid! Just look at my photo!

Okay, that’s hilarious! I’m considering broke my tibias and femus for aesthetic reasons.
(Exposed again)

Thanks again, the way you said everthing was on point.
I hope I didn’t disturbed you with all that I wrote, cause this language is not my first one.

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Pretty spot on, except, I’ve never been one to hold a grudge, or seek revenge.

I’m actually a type B personality, laid back. Everything else is like a duck off of waters back

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Hi @victory I wonder if you could look at mine please?

Libra Sun
Libra Moon
Libra Rising

Sun, Moon and rising signs are all Libra ?!?

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Yup! Though it’s rare it’s completely possible to have all the same signs in your big three.

Libra Sun- Libra Suns pride themselves on finding the beauty in life. Often times they are interested in the arts and love to make everything around them beautiful. They love luxury, specifically luxurious things that can bring them harmony and happiness. They’re great at uplifting people, especially when it comes to their beauty. Falling in love and having a lot of friends is one of their main goals in life. However, the issue with Libras is they can often be overly-submissive to people, or on the contrary, they can be Devil’s Advocates when they haven’t been mentally stimulated. They’re non-confrontational unless someone deserves justice. Libras also have a hard time committing to things in their life, especially if it doesn’t please them, mentally stimulate them, or if they find it to be out of balance.

Libra Moon- Libra Moons are very emotionally intelligent and generally have stable moods. Instead of crying themselves a river they’ll often evaluate their emotions and see what a logical solution would be. They’re great at calming themselves down. When others are sharing their emotions Libra Moons will often be very curious and sympathetic, but they tend to offer rationality instead of empathy. Usually, they prefer to be outside of their home forming new relationships, but Libra Moons who are able to decorate their houses to their aesthetic will oftentimes stay there to appreciate its beauty. They dream of (both consciously and subconsciously) finding love and harmony in their life, but they’re always looking for justice too.

Libra Rising- Libra Risings attract a lot of attention, usually because of their glamorous auras, since Libra is ruled by Venus. Libra Risings want to socialize and everyone wants to socialize with them. They come off as beautiful and calm people, definitely someone you’d want to have as your sidekick. The issue is that during first impressions they may come off as submissive, or even adversarial which can cause issues if not balanced. Luckily, Libras are good at balancing. A Libra Rising’s foundations in life may have been on beauty, pleasure, peace, or making friends.

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