Big change! Sallos ... Saleos

Duke Sallos
Duke Saleos.

I promised Sallos I would bring attention and praise to him and I’m following through. I’m going to share my notes on him and what I promised him. I promised him reddit stories of appreciation. I have also rewarded him with sexual energy and hugs from my friends with benefits and I, just one time.

Sallos’s office/abilities is romantic love, loyalty, and good relationship. March 13, 2018, I asked him to reconcile my female co-worker and I, bring us back together back. In addition, I wanted her to sexually love me. My technique is from Demon’s of Magick by Gordon Winterfield (you can find it on amazon).

Sallos U THA MAN! We are back together as friends. This is a big change considering the history. We had a falling out after I punched her abusive boyfriend at the time September 2017. She came to me months before asking for help leaving the relationship that she didn’t have a place to go. We partnered in business in the past and have great business and personal relationship. How we came to be reconciled was. I followed her on instagram and I knew where she usually hang out on Sundays. I felt it is now or never, it was a gamble that things stay the same or things improved. I showed up in the public place where she hangs out and approached her. “Hi. I’m here to make peace, will you give me a chance to talk?” It went very smoothly, we talked about many things, June 10. Since she initiate hanging out with me and our friendship is improving. This is a big big change. I can’t tell you how much pain i was in, not to have her in my life.

So my wish was halfway granted. Thank you Sallos!!!. funny but not funny she said, we are not going to have sex. I responded, I hear you but I’m still going to try. lol we had a friends with benefit thing when we was working together. If a women emotions can be changed, what she says in the moment is irrelevant.

So I’m here to bring attention and appreciation to Duke Sallos. This is what I learned about him. I had conversations with him through communicative evocations in my mind. It is like having thoughts in your mind that are not your own, like when you are in conversations with someone. He is loud, upbeat, cheerful, he shouts his name like Bruce Buffer. I encountered in my mind a bright light, overbearing intense bright white light. I asked him to show me an animal so I know in the future I’m communicating with him. I see a lion face like Simba from lion king, more so young. I asked him why did he choose to fall out of the heavenly order along with Lucifer? His response, "The angels find him annoying, he wants lots of attention and appreciation. He can get it from mankind. He shouts a lot.

Sallos has given me advice concerning matters of the heart. He has asked me he’ll do the work and that I need to trust him. I NEED TO TRUST HIM.

(i’m going crazy on that two words lol)
(I ll create more stories about sallos on reddit and i will link them in the following post. stay tuned).


Sallos rocks!


Serena alora sallos aken.Hail Great Duke Sallos.Hail lord Lucifer!


I don’t get how this is considered “results”. After several months, her temper had cooled and without working with Sallos you could have taken the initiative just the same and received the same response.

I’m not seeing an influence other than the natural passage of time and your initiative.


So after 3 years what has happened now?