Big brown dog in dream

I had a weird dream that my mother told me that a man was waiting for me,and then I got scared
and through some water pipes I heard a male voice repeating something in an unknown language a couple of times,and that voice was creepy too then I was like in some music competition and I was repeating some words to some man what he was saying ,
and then a woman appeared there who wanted to attack me, and a big brown dog appeared next to me,and attacked the woman as if the dog was defending me,and that’s when I woke up to hear a loud banging in the closet and I had it on my mind the whole time Amdusias ,and when I looked at the time it was evening 2:32 I was so scared that I didn’t sleep for a couple of hours
and then in the morning when I fell asleep the dog was there again and as if in the dream I was telling him what to do,but there was also another woman there and I was involved in some other names
it is possible that demons can appear even without being summoned?
and that big brown dog?
and in the last 2 months I have not summoned any demon,I didn’t even think about it

Yes, if your receptive.

It’s first appearance is obvious as it was a protective figure in the dream. “Mans best friend”.

If you feel that this was amduscias then it probably was.

This may be a way of communicating what kind of role amduscias wants to play in helping you.

Don’t get too hung up on the image though.

It is but a finger pointing to the moon…don’t stare at the finger, or you’ll miss all that heavenly glory!

Time only appears to matter on your end because you are an incarnate being having that experience.

For them, time isnt much of a factor.

In that dream, I didn’t even think that the dog was there Amdusias, rather a large dog higher up above my hips because he was standing next to me so I noticed him a little ,I just think that in the second dream I meant something about Satan something in common with him,but it was like a tangle of different dreams at the same time of different events, some of which I no longer remember

he looked like this but he was brown

(source internet googl)