Bies from the Russian black magic tradition

I didn’t find ANYTHING about this on the forum, but is there anyone familiar with the Russian black magic tradition?

I am mostly curious about the Biesy, who are the entities Russian witches use. As the word ‘bies’ comes from the Old Slavic language, I’m pretty sure that they also exist in other Slavic magic traditions. At least, I know that the Ukrainians use them the same way as the Russians do. So I’d be glad to hear more on the topic from people from the other Slavic countries or Slav background too.

It is believed that a practitioner can start working with the bies by getting that entity as ‘inheritance’ if the said practitioner had an ancestor who used to work with that bies. Let’s call that entity a ‘generational bies’.

Another way to use the power of the bies is to undergo an initiation ritual, which is quite terrible in my humble opinion as the practitioner willingly proclaims the bies his or her master and allows the bies to occupy their left hand. I believe it should be called partial possession.

No matter how the practitioner began working with those guys, it seems as if many people believe that the practitioner is serving the spirits, not vice versa. They are also believed to be the trickster kind of spirits, chaotic and mean, they tend to force the practitioner to do magical work as often as possible. It is also said that they can take the most precious things and people in a practitioner’s life away, sometimes just for the kicks of it (but I believe that it depends on the authority of the practitioner).

So I was wondering if there is maybe a way to contact them without negative consequences and becoming their slave, lol. There has to be.

I know for sure now that I have a ‘generational bies’ but when I tried to contact it, the bastard broke my favorite cup.

Needless to say, that although it is believed that biesy and demons are the same, they are not.

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you are Russian? youre so beautiful :smiley:

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Yes, I am Russian. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Bes in Christianity comes from fallen angels or is one of them. Damn, devil, evil spirit, demon - these are all synonyms for this word when it comes to Christian sources. Demonologists consider devils and bes to be different representatives of the demonic hierarchy. The bes is weaker than the demon.

Russian black magicians use bes to perform various magical rites: love spells, lapels, money magic, etc.

Veretniki is a direction of witchcraft (in Russia, maybe in Ukraine too) associated with a special practice at the so-called places of power. It is believed that veretniki can work through demonic assistants, as well as through the power of sight and word.


Biesy belong more to folk devils, folk spirits (like fairies) than to demons as in grimoire tradition. There is 7 general views upon them you could find in books about russian folklor. They are easy to deal, they can also be tricked.

When you read about witches they can work with devils, and it depend on their relations what how it will end. Also they can easily bring a misfortune. But usually that happen to people who are not able to protect theselves or stay up to the conditions of their pacts.


I have found out that there are two ‘main’ traditions over here considering these entities. People who believe that the biesy used to be nature spirits and people who believe that the biesy are fallen angels. The latter group performs some extremely blasphemous rituals. But, what’s interesting, the majority of them don’t work with the demons :woman_shrugging:

Oh, thanks! I think you gave me a wonderful idea.
I’ll try spending some time to put up protection and then maybe try charging him for my cup.

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Essentially, this group practically equates bieses with demons. The leaders of bieses are called "princes of bieses”.They have their own pantheon and their own specific names. In addition, this group has a special demonic calendar of their veneration.

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Yep, I’ve seen that also but didn’t get into details much as there are apparently at least two lists with lots of names and these lists are different. From what I understood the newest one came from some Russian author who became popular recently.

Probably based on the Christian calendar :slight_smile:

Well, it is believed that the Russian black magic tradition, like veretnichestvo, has existed for a long time. For example, the history of veretnichestvo has been traced back to the sixteenth century. In general, folk black magic has existed for a long time, especially in the villages. Maybe now it is just popularized by certain russian warlocks.

Yes. Just like in Christianity, they can make “black icons”.


Here. It’s something that I do not quite understand. I am sorry to push my luck here instead of googling, but do you happen to know the difference between veretnichestvo and chernoknizhie? Both use the biesy. Yet the chernoknizhie is much older and I saw one chernoknizhnik spitting fire when called ‘veretnik’, lol. It seems to me as ‘chernoknizhie’ is a general term for magic, while veretnichestvo is something narrowed to blasphemous rituals.

Oh, yeah. They also believe that there is a ‘church bies’ called Abara in each church, located at the icon of Saint Nicholas.

Have you ever faced a bies by any chance?

Здрастуйтэ… How to do that ritual also Are there other Slavic magic exists? I like a Russian girl here in Japan…I think my spell had little effect on her coz I’m using Western European magic. My guess is if i used Eastern European spell it will manifest to her

Veretnichestvo is considered part of the chernoknizhie and one of the ways of the witchcraft path, but it is more radical in its relation to the Christian faith.

In this case, the veretenik can devote themselves to working with Abara (it can also be called conciliar witchcraft).

For a long time I saw something similar to bieses in a dream.

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There is also pagan Slavic magic. For example, in the Russian pagan tradition there are goddesses Mokosha and Lada, who are associated with family and love.

I don’t think that this is the case. Actually, if anything I’d suggest you to work with Japanese spirits as Japan is a magical country - there are lots and lots of energetically powerful places.
Fushimi Inari taisha is probably the most energetically overwhelming place I’ve ever been to in my whole life, for example. And as for the love spell, it’s better to look for it in the corresponding section of the forum as I am not into love magic, sorry. There are topics that will be more helpful to you than I am.

So one does not have to be a follower of the veretnichestvo to come into contact with them?

Well, veretnichestvo are a separate, more radical direction in chernoknizhie, so I think they don’t need to become. In general, russian chernoknizhniki agree on one thing: that verenichestvo and chernoknizhie are one and the same path. Some say that this must be the very life of a wizard, dedicated to communication with demonic forces.

I myself have not tried to work either with Abara or at crossroads, so I cannot say how demanding the spirits of this tradition can be towards those who want to work with them (except for offerings and spells).

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I do not advise trying to get involved with the Slavic witchcraft. In my opinion, although it works, it has a lot of pitfalls. There is a lot of evil in it, most warlocks voluntarily take on various curses in exchange for strength, work with BESes (people wrote above that this is something like fairies, but in fact there is not at all, and they should not be confused with small spirits Slavic pantheon), bes is something like lower demons, strong in their own way, but primitive and very evil. Also, most of the Russian magicians who practice such things are simply very concerned with various kinds of spiritual self-defense in order to protect themselves from beses, spirits of the dead, etc. But if you are still interested, then I can advise you to read a Ukrainian magician named Мансур, he has straight folk black spells and rituals of love spell.

Personally, I would advise you to better turn to the ancient Slavic gods. Perhaps to the goddesses who were advised above. You can turn to Veles, he is best known as the god of agriculture and trade, but in fact, he is a deeper god, and controls the fate of all souls living on earth, you can turn to Svarog, he is just very different and very cool, one of the highest deities, god blacksmith, primordial flame, and in Sanskrit his name means “heavenly”. Also, if this girl is a Christian, I think the Most Holy Mother of God, Holy Matrona of Moscow (a modern but very revered saint), Saint Fevronia (from the story of Peter and Fevronia, patrons of marriage and family) can help. I can say that Russian deities, both pagan and Christian pantheon, are very biased towards people, and will help only if you are a kind and pure-hearted person.