Does anyone have a method for accurate bibliomancy?

The way the Bible and Qu’ran has been used for centuries by spiritual practitoners of those religions are in fact Bibliomantic methods.

Take the book while focussing on a question or problem or so, open it up, pick a chapter or phrase without looking and that should be the answer or omen

A fundamental evangelist i know uses that method to talk to Christ.
Offcourse when i tell her it is a divination method she’s angry and denies it cause divination is Devilish according to her religion


is it any book?

It depends.

Bibliomancy is a great way for communication and channeling spirits.

I worked in a libary for over a year and Bibliomancy (without even realising it in the beginning) became one of the main pratices to channel answers from entities.
I must say that, when done properly and/or under partial possesion, it can have extraordinary results

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I’m interested in so many types of divination :rofl::rofl:

Bibliomancy, scrying, reading tea leaves, osteomancy, claromancy with playing cards, everything lmao

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That 's great.
All of them are great divination methods.

A great bibliomantic exercise you can do while at home is summoning an entity, under partial possesion focussing on something you want insight on and receiving it by a book are asking the entity beforehand to show you the answer via a book.
Sometimes after a working while at home, i had situations that certain Daemons made me go to my bookshelf, picking up a book, open it and there it was, the missing piece of the puzzle or the answer i needed


A couple questions

Is the intuition the same as knowing when to stop shuffling for claromancy?

what do you mean by “clapping” the book open?

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Sorry for the grammar mistake.
English is not my native language and i have issues regarding writing correct sentences due to some health issues from the past even in my native language.

We say ‘klap een boek open’ so i did a direct translation ‘clapping it open’.

Like i said, it depends.
While being partial possessed it is a completely different ball game offcourse so the perception of intuition, at least imo changes drastically.

Just as divination method, i would follow my intuition as in other methods yes

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so you’re dutch huh?

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Nop, Flemish.
Dutch is my native language

ohhhhh ok

For bibliomancy readings
Stichomancy free.
Dictionaries work well for divining too.
Also, Illiad, Oddyssey, Rig Veda, Bhagavad Gita,


You beat me to it, i love using the Illiad for biblomancy. Aesop’s Fables work well, strangely enough. As does the Hávamál


I used a random ass book and I opened a page exclaiming exactly what I worked so hard to gain. No shit. This is soooooo fucking cool


In the book ordinary oracles by Lon milo Duquette, he says the reasons bibles are commonly used for divination was because availability long ago, it was the most available book around and the fact most believed it was the word of god and therefore thats why it had supernatural powers. But yes any can be used.

The havamal - thank you for this recommendation.

Being books were a older tradition pre 1900’s , Lon milo mentions Televisions, and I realized radios would do the same. Flipping the radio or tv while you ask your question and seeing what response you get.


I’ve also had interesting results with a dictionary as well, so the book you use doesn’t really matter too much.

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Even manga can be used for bibliomancy.

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Would like to try using Berserk sometime then…

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It would be like reading a dark tarot deck.

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