Better call (no not Saul) on Athena, a short story about not giving up

So, a whilr ago when I was writing my class project due to some technical glitch one of the apps needed to run the project was not working as intended on my laptop and any solution to my problem wasn’t any good. We had 4 hours in total to finish it, but after 2 hours of trying everything short of throwing my laptop at the nearest wall, my starting envronment for the project wasn’t even functioning!!! At that moment of biggest exasperation and very close to “screw it I am giving up” I called on Athena whom I petitioned at the beginning of my course to be my patron, guide and protector. Within 5 minutes I’ve found a solution to the glitch and my teacher agreed that since it wasn’t personally my fault that it occured I could start working afresh and have full 4 hours to go with my project.

Thank you Athena!!!