Betrayal, from BoA

Just a short quip.
Reading in the end of the Book of Azazel. [which is not my top book on my Recommended book list]

He was discussing how Demons "betray’. i do not think they betray any more than a parent who releases the toddlers hands learning to walk.
But- the "Bible diety’ of my 40 yrs. betrayal and deception became so standard as to prevent any trust at all. So, one more evidence YHVH- is a demon. Not one I like working with wiith

Thanks again EA

There’s also the important point that seems to get overlooked on many forums (not just this one) - that you don’t JUST have “demons” as an option, there are the old gods of Greece, Rome, Egypt, Northern Europe, the Middle East, India, North & South Americas, many of whom are willing to get as dark and baneful as any demon (sometimes more so) when the situation’s right… plus the elementals, planetary intelligences, ancestors, random spirits who you meet mooching round the astral… :slight_smile:

The Judeo-Xian thing and its supposed adversaries are not the ONLY game in town, and I did and continue to do most of my work well outside that stuff, to me it’s a weird little regional cult started by a freak, and not the centre of the world or anything.

I completely agree with what Lady Eva, one must not approach magick with such a close mind.

Ditto !

I prefer a holistic view and a willingness to work with any entity having an interest in cooperating with me.

If a Grimoire or magical text warns that a Spirit will take back more than He gives, will lie unless bound or will betray in some manner, it’s good to heed that advice. At least initially.

Or if a deal of some sort is agreed upon and the Magician fails to uphold his end of it, a negative reaction is likely.

And some Spirits may take a perverse pleasure in giving you what you ask for, but not necessarily what you wanted.

Just my 2¢.