Best ways to communicate (effectively) with your higher self?

I’m not the most experienced with the magick, so grain of salt. The book may not appear to be very flashy, but if you read through it and understand the concepts being presented, and then start to actually put those concepts into practice, the magick really opens up.


i agree 100%


try also “angels of miracles and manifestation” by embrosewyn tazkuviel

it has the angel of higher self specifically to help connect with your higher self.


Primarily meditation. But the part of your higher self that dwells within the flesh - you know what it is saying just by paying attention to your emotions. Read Ask & It Is Given by Esther Hicks to find out how and why it works that way.


Have you worked with this book? What’s your experience?

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I use shamanic journeying.


Yeah, I thought it was just another angel book from GOM, but after reading a couple pages… Supposedly the angel can get you anything you want, so WOW.

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Its working good, though you have to charge the angles sigils regularly but it is good.


How is the process?

I’ve found that alot of people equate the higher self with the future ascended self and God self.

I would shy away from “future self” tho simply because to your God self time is hmmmmm :thinking: not linear lol.

I used a ritual similar to JS Garrett’s name ritual with Shemyaza and after a trance and meditation working Shemyaza have me my “God name”. It’s not necessary but helps me drastically to connect with.

After receiving said name I created a connection by meditating on it and establishing communication using the “future self” concept.

This is done by EA Koettings method of sending messages in ritual to yourself in your past when you were going through hard times. I send healing vibes, motivation and meaningful music to my past self when I had hard or dark places in my life

After a certain amount of time you will begin to receive messages just as EA did from his future self. This are vague and more on a vibrational level tho so it’s hard to do a verbatim message.

Its all practical tho, for if your ways change or your path changes, time is not set and you can loose connection with said God self by changing your path. This is known as going astray however it can be done on purpose and you may change God selves and thus find a different Name for that God self in the future your currently on path with.

This is why having set goals is important as this can keep you on a positive path and consistency keeps you connected with that God self and thus that God self helps you reach their level of ascension in that timeline.

Add: currently I’ve become very strongly connected with mine and am going to sigil the name and tattoo it on myself as a more permanent method to keep me on said path to reach that ascended self.

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Sounds interesting, is there a book you would recommend about that topic? Thanks a lot, DarkestKnight!

I use the Core Shamanism technique that Lady Eva shared:

I’ve heard of the author before (she has quite a reputation), I’ll make sure to give the book a read. Thanks!

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Wow, that’s some valuable info; I’ve never tried Lady Eva’s advice, but it seems quite solid, I’ll definitely take a look into it. Thanks, man!

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Yeah she has that reputation for a reason. :slight_smile:

Insider secret… Abraham is an Adversity to oppression and being kept asleep/ignorant. They told me they also call themselves Satan (title). You know how Satan hides in plain sight…?

if you want, i could give you some basic instructions on how to interact with it. these methods work even when trauma or inballance blinds you.

but they work only as much as you make them work. they are simple tools.

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I would certainly love that, Odd!

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@OddEmanation hope you are still there… can you share the instructions if possible?

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sure, if you and @Ra-zha are interested :man_shrugging: i wouldnt mind sharing that

I am interested…
I thought you already shared the methods with @Ra-zha.