Best way to make money online?

any suggestions? my dream is to make steady income from the internet

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This is kinda funny. All morning Lilith was talking to me about how I could become a cam model.


cam models can make a lot but it is not for me

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Supply something with demand.

This is a big world and there’s a lot to get lost in. Here we go

You have a world of options and it’s never been easier than it is right now to build the right frameworks. You don’t need to know HTML5, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript anymore as there are sitebuilders you can use. Best ones cost around $200 for a license (Thrive Themes is amazing. Kartra is a one stop shop, prepare to spend but it’s worth every penny for the simplicity for a newbie)

You don’t need to know serverside stuff like how to use Apache (Wordpress will handle most of this for you, if you can’t figure out cPanel your hosting’s tech support can figure it out for you most the time. The guys at Superdrive Publishing will practically spoonfeed you if you can’t find the “Any Key.”)

You don’t need to know graphic design, SEO, video editing, post production, or how to mix audio. Fiverr exists, so does eLance if anyone still uses it. Worst case you have a friend or you can get lucky on Craigslist.

It’s everywhere and any skill can be outsourced since this is the 2020 gold rush right now. Everyone and their dog is competing to help you so they can pay their bills too.

Do not fall into the trap of “I don’t have a website… I need to go take classes on how to make something so I can sell.”

I did that and found myself learning how to make HTML tables from 1998.

Unless you’re damn good at a service go straight to the top and be a producer of something. Content, sell a product (yours or someone elses, affiliate marketplace is amazing with no customer service or shipping!) anything. You’re producing for consumers. Never forget this

If you can get someone to click a link and buy, you can make money. Bloggers, youtubers and anyone with an instagram following can do this. I’ve worked with a girl who made $300 in 20 minutes by posting an affiliate link on her IG while sitting at a seminar

You’re not racing to make the best there is. You’re winning a popularity contest. Your product itself does not matter, it doesn’t have to even work (95% of most supplements and soccermom MLM’s). If it does something miraculous and nobody knows about it you aren’t making money. Ask me how I know

If I were you I’d do financial work. Wealth Magick by Damon Brans is phenomenal. Work with Bime and Orias often and then study the model of how the places you spend time and attention work. Then replicate your own version of it

You can buy bulk supplements and repackage them with your own branding (make a sticker and put it on a shiny metal zip bag and sell it on eBay or some other marketplace it doesn’t have a ton of competition. Just an example.

You can even stack the deck and use services like Google Analytics and SpyFu to see what is searched for, how often, when during the year, and where people are getting their traffic from (so you can fill the hole yourself)

It’s a big world out there and the best operations take money to run. There are companies who will store your stuff and ship everything for you when you’re moving more than 20 units per week.

Look at your margins and go for 8x the money back it costs you. $50 - $250 per unit sold so you don’t need to do the Dollar Tree model and rely on volume to get started. Balg sells books for ~$60 that don’t cost more than a few bucks to print. The leather editions? Yeah they have markup from the base hardcover editions but not several hundred dollars more. Their model is fantastic. The forum is a lead generation funnel (I think, not sure if it’s behind a sign in wall, Eva would know. Their youtube channel covers most of it.)

Any time you find yourself spending attention on something online, ask “How did I get here?” Then repeat your own version of it with your own edge.

When you’re overwhelmed by keeping it afloat you’re killing it. Then you’re just looking for ways to streamline it so you can work 15 hours per week on it instead of making it your life.

It’ll take a lot of work if you want the big clickbait video incomes. Most the vids you see are part of a traffic funnel meant to sell you a course so they make that kind of money, not you. It’s a spell for them in a way.

From there it’s all just strategy and thinking around corners. You can find free options everywhere and get creative to make it work until you have a professional option. I took 10 years to figure all this out. I learned every part I just described when people do it for $200 a month. Madness. Use magick to help (and dear god it helps…) Get some capital and learn to pivot fast when the tides of war change.

Ideally it’s a passion project so most of it doesn’t feel like work. Musicians get excited about having to help design custom effects pedals. If it takes motivation it’s not the right thing for you. It should feel like something you’re always drawn to and free time is a luxury. Don’t give yourself a job, give yourself an empire you love running.

Look into these books, they’re game changers

  • 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss
  • Launch by Jeff Walker
  • Art of the Deal by Donald Trump (Allegedly, damn good LHP business philosophy)
  • Andrew Hopkins sales material
  • Gary Halbert’s ad copy stuff

Not a ton to get lost in but will give all the philosophy and strategy to build from, the rest is massive action and getting something up that looks good and hits hard enough for people to come back. Return customers are where you make big bank. Keep selling to them over and over and you’ve 10x your profit.

Avoid the hell out of quick fix pyramid schemes, MLM, seminar opportunities. Things like Dan Pena’s QLA are really cool, you could get into real estate too but now is a horrible time to do so.

Ideally you make a You INC. Nobody can out you, you. Whether it’s a blog with high demand how to articles and “how I did it” stories people get addicted to or you’re selling a spray that actually makes dog poo disappear you’ll make money by answering demand with supply.

Produce, don’t just consume.

I’ve spent a long time in this world, if you have an idea you’re thinking of running with PM me and I’ll tell you if it’s a battle I think you can win. Business is war, so be ready to fight for a bitchin dream if you want more than a few hundred bucks a month in side cash. There’s a world of options out there to make something to be proud from


I reccomend following Wall Street Playboys as a primer for stocks. Though people way into it know a ton more than me

Each industry and financial model is as intense as following a current in magick. The remarkable stuff is part luck, but usually total immersion

And with your practice you can sort of emulate luck :metal:


Not a fan of them? Haha

I’m not too immersed in that world but their base path on becoming a high level broker without selling your soul to it seemed pretty legit. Infopreneur stuff is all about attention still so I can see a hype factor involved

Farthest I know of in actual practice there is to dollar cost average into index funds every quarter and play the long game


My gut says they’re probably pushing a lifestyle blog with an eProduct as a side hustle. It’s a good model for a location independant income stream if the material is legit. Very low overhead once it’s set up with huge potential

It’s a weird industry but the good ones will give away glimpses their best material for free and then have something for sale when the readership asks for it.

Curious of your take on it though, you feel it’s a web savvy dude who hangs out with actual brokers and built up a niche site on how to play without actually being in? That’s common in some circles, fitness especially


one month ago, Belphegor gave me a website idea and I already made 260$. it was a nice experience because I didn’t even ask for any help from demons, He just came in my room and spoke. evoke him of you want


It scalable? That’s always cool

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My main concept of money from online would just be buy resale but with Covid I can’t buy shit for myself let alone to resale since I finally have a few bucks that’s dwindling away. I used to be like wow good at finding stuff or next to nothing online I used to even do online shopping for m friends when they wanted stuff they would message me what it was and I’d find it super cheap, the only thing I was never able to crack the price on was socks. So yea if you have a knack for doing that consider being a personal shopper for people where you get paid out of part of what you save them online, I’ve showed someone befor he simple part of it was he showed me his Newegg item he wanted for 400 and I typed in the exact item info and out $200 and found a Newegg same product price of 200.

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Just gonna post this part seperate anytime shopping online once you have the barcode I’d or of the like search it and $ of half the current price your looking at. Works for everything almost to just search a price way low with item or description. Will at least save you alot of money on product if your selling aswell as all the over my head stuff you guys are talking about.

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It all depends on the passions. You could be a Tarot reader. You could manage transactions.

You probably don’t want to know the best way to make the most money. It would probably involves either something illegal or something you’re just not willing to get into.

I would honestly suggest Bune for guidance, I’d you need any. Good luck.


There’s a good forum called stripperweb that helped me learn everything I needed to know when I was a camgirl a few years ago. They have info on everything, from keeping your identity safe and taxes. Also a lot of support when you run into assholes and money making motivation threads.

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