Best way to destroy my sister's parasitic relationship

I will explain the situation before asking my question: So my sister has been in a parasitic relationship for the past 4 years. The guy is a loser oil changer super low class low intelligence and low quality person. She’s getting her degree in bio psych and he knows it so he’s living off her. She is okay with this because he is like a zombie that follows her around towing her gear along with her two dogs behind him. He is basically like a subservient pet of hers rather than an actual bf.

He is incapable of intelligent conversation and because she has threatened to never speak to any of us again or show to any holidays if we don’t accept him, everyone walks on thin ice around her about him. Nobody in our family likes him, we all hate him, yet she brings him to every visit, holiday and birthday. It is awkward for him because he is out of place and awkward for us because none of us want him there.

We take them to nice restaurants and the joke orders up expensive meals and has never offered to pay once. It has gotten to the point I’ve had to plan my own birthday dinner behind her back to avoid her bringing him to my dinner and utterly ruining it (last time he ordered a whole rack of lamb).

So I followed Damon Brands magical attack book and did the 30 day break up ritual. It was working and by the 20th day I thought they were never going to reconcile but just as the book said, once I stopped they made up.

I’m basically looking for the most effective break up spell or method that there is. Something very potent and direct. I ask for this help because I am not that experienced in love magick and have rarely had to use it. If there is no spell to do this does anyone know perhaps the best demon to contact for this?


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Sounds like ou hava working method and just needed to stick o it.,

Can also consider sending spirits at him to make him go mad

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I hate saying this but your sister sounds as bad as the guy. If she allows this then the best you can do is rope magick to bind him to someone else. Or wax figure magick to make their love melt away. Unfortunately when both subjects are not willing, thats when issues arise.


Imagine the genders were reversed. How would you feel about the relationship then? (say it was your brother and he was with some not so bright low class girl who followed him like a zombie.)


To answer your question, King Asmodeus, Andras, Lerajae, or whatever spirits to cause chaos and discord and drive them apart.

You can also try a breakup or sour jar.

There’s also just using your own hatred towards this fella and lighting a black candle, focusing on what you want, sending that energy out and letting go.

It might require a little work, but it’s not impossible to break them up.


I can totally understand where you are coming from and YES if the genders were reversed i’m sure @DrifterOfDarkness would be saying the same thing.

A similar topic came up yesterday at work, the truth is most of these “unequal yolk” relationships just don’t work.

Anyway, I think Henry Archer’s The Magick of Angels and Demons has an effective break-up spell. Aside from that you can use sour jars, you can search the forum for breakup spells lots of good ones are here. I wish you every success why in the world would someone get with a leech etc. is beyond me. Who knows maybe he is into the occult himself lots of those guys are using magick to get women far out of their league, women are doing the same too.


Ty for the suggestions. I really want to try the souring jar. Found out today she was pregnant with the losers baby. Seems like I have alot of work to do now. Almost as if the circumstances are calling me to spiritual action.


that adds some extra layers to this. Be careful. A break up could be brought on due to miscarriage. Be extra careful now that there is a child involved.

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Say it ain’t so @pregnancy
I just remembered I used a mashup of spells here to result in a breakup. I put amon’s sigil over a picture of the two parties together (using microsoft word and the option image behind text) then I dabbed so break up oil over the picture, I then chanted his enn’s stated my intent and lit incense that appealed to that spirit. I then put the picture of the couple with the sigil over their faces inside my phone case so every time my phone charges the sigil charged.


there has to be some benefits for her. maybe he’s her toy and willing to have such relationship. She love having a slave. Nothing wrong with that if she’s ok with it.

It’s really not a true relationships from your description. You know someone just have another person there cuz everyone seems to make a big deal that people need a partner around.

Just do that break up spell again from damon brand. this time finish all the days. that’s if you want to continue the spell.

Personally i won’t get involve unless it affect her well being or if they did wrong to me or those i care about. I tend to let people live their life by choice. I will call out that the person isn’t good for them and let them decide. that way if things reallly go to hell, they can’t complain cuz I said it wouldn’t work out. haha. Some people have the right to mess up their own life. who am i to judge or interfere their choice to suffer? Just don’t let me be in their suffering. haha. Since your family , its a toughy choice.

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Lust spell on him with the help of Asmodeus. You don’t need certain instructions, just show him a picture of them and ask him to bring someone else in his life in order to break their relationship. Be ready though to deal with a heartbroken pregnant sister and a baby without a father.