Best Spirit To Take A Bitch Down Now!

My sister’s inept supervisor is trying to mess with her money because she doesn’t know what the hell she is doing and doesn’t want anyone to question her. She is going to cause kids to fail Summer School and keep my sister from getting paid for the rest of the program. Who would be best to stop this bitch in her tracks? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I would suggest you Angels of Wrath book by Gordon Winterfield.
The rituals are easy and effective.
This one, for example, looks suitable to me for your situation:


Maybe Stygal the Assassination Demon
Or Amducious

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I agree on Angel’s of Wrath. It’s worked for me many times. In that book is also a ritual called Force Exile. It can be used to get someone to leave - a workplace, home etc. You should read the book and think about what rituals you could use in combination. You could start with a binding to prevent further trouble, then force exile to get her to go, then there are others if you want to cause more serious damage.


I have to agree. The Angels of Wrath are my new go-to for when I need to do any kind of baneful workings. They are very effective and the rituals are really simple.

I usually use this first and then if need be I’ll contact a death saint or just do hoodoo with some nasty hotfoot powder (this shit gets people gone!)

Good luck dealing with this Bee itch.