Best Planetary Influence For Business?

Which planetary influence would you all use to amplify business money magick? Mercury or Jupiter? I am a bit inclined to go with Jupiter as I am about to scale up. Your thoughts are appreciated.

Definitely Jupiter, but with that said you can combined planetary influences. For what you given say you needed to do some magick for a buisness meeting , or something that involves communication, i would do that on the hour of mercury on the day of jupiter. If you can find a copy of Jason Miller’s Advance planetary magick there’s a whole run down on the planetary combinations :slight_smile:


I would say both, however if you restrict it to just one, Jupiter first and foremost.[quote=“boredomkill5, post:2, topic:16068”]
Jason Miller’s

I was just studying him minutes ago.


My brain is having a download,upload moment lol
gonna brake this into parts for simplicity

objective - the energies involved -time for tapping into it

  • Business growth - Jupiter of mercury- day of mercury hour of jupiter
  • Business relationships - venus of mercury - day of mercury hour of venus
  • Commercial success/successful advertising - sun of mercury- day of mercury hour of the sun
  • Protecting Business - mercury of jupiter - day of jupiter hour of mercury
  • Increasing money/cashflow -venus of jupiter - day of jupiter hour of venus

think that’ll do for a first salvo lol

I would recommend one maybe two rituals a week at most so that, one it’s easier to forget the last ritual and two the combinations of energies don’t overwhelm you. Less Jekyll-Hyde moments that way


this can be done with any prefered format.
candle magick, sigil magick, energy work, ect or any combo there of.
I tend to go towards the possible volitile and overkill method combine this with elemental magic.

A good mix i have found is to match the primary planet used with the element of the sign/s it rules.

Another method I’ve used with mixed but extreme results is to match the element with the intent alone, this tends to rely more on personal intuition and can get a bit volatile as there may be some clashing between the planetary and elemental energies in the process.


^ Agree with all the above fwiw, and planetary talismans work great for this kind of thing, there’s plenty of information online about making those. :thumbsup:


I would highly recommend no more then 1 of the planetary-elemental ritual in a 2 week period, 1 a week at most if you are strapped for time.

When i started experimenting with this for alchemical use years ago, I would have days sometimes weeks where i would end up all over the damn place physically,mentally, emotionally and spiritually as each energy processed through me as i adjusted to the new perspective of things.


What about finding a investor to invest in a project or finding a buyer’s to buy a property ?

First thing that comes to mind is mercury (business/commerce) and venus (income/money) if it’s to draw in new investors.


I highly recommend Jason Miller’s books Financial Magick and Advanced Planetary Magick, which contains planetary calls for forces such as mercury of Venus.


thanks @Dinmiatus and @DarkestKnight

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