Best incense sticks for SITRI

Which are best increase sticks used for Sitri of the goetia?
I read some use cedar wood for Prince Sitri

Cedar from here: So Three Demonolaters Walk Into A Bar


Do you think it’s better to evoke during the day or at night I was planning on doing it today after work in the early afternoon.
I read Sitri is a day spirit

I think Sitri is Venusian, not only because of his powers but also for the leopard look etc., so it’s possible to add musk, vervain, coriander or rose. I often refer to a magician’s “recipe” for negative entities, meant only in a polarity sense: camphor (Moon), poppy (Saturn), cloves (Mercury), heather or rhubarb (Mars). So maybe some of these mixed with the cedar wood.

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IMO use the time you feel most powerful/focused, best able to do the work without being interrupted or distracted.


Thank you for your reply it’ll be very useful for the future

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where is the best place to find offerings( Incense ( which I am limited to use because of fire detector) , food, drinks , coloured candles) I mean which resource is best or most correct or is it down to whatever your hunches are? Example I am going to work with Beleth tommorow

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I’ve been working with Sitri for a little while now… I use Nag Champa incense for everyday use and including when I work with entity’s. It’s absolutely delightful for use in meditation and all things spiritual. If it’s enjoyable to you, it’s likely going to be enjoyable for the entity. They will often feed off the satisfaction of the operator / magician in many cases. Just a few observations I’ve found helpful.

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Ok here is some pictures of my all time favorites, some as refered to above: this is what to look for for good quality manufacturing companies also

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In the Lesser Keys, it states the “Prelates (Sitri being one) may be bound any hour of the day.”