Best Hex or Revenge spell you've ever done?

Ive been practicing Magick for quite sometime now and what has been on my mind lately is hexing and cursing. I’d love to hear about everyone’s most successful hex or curse they put on someone. How did you do it and what was the outcome? Or, has anyone ever had a spell backfire on them.? If so, I’d love to hear about it.


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I find curses are most successful when they aim to move someone out of your way. Of course, this could be anything from sending them down a different path, to breaking up a relationship, to flat out killing them. My experiences in this regard may differ to others, as a large part of my power comes from a deity, rather than developed from myself alone. As much as serving a current grants alot of power, it also leashes you. Your power drops dramatically when you work outside the current’s wishes.


When I was 16 I cursed my ex, of course I didn’t intend to but the emotional pain was what fueled it, I wanted my ex to feel a lot of pain (long story) and the next day his family got into a car accident everyone was fine, everyone but him. He himself had to get a leg removed. I don’t really believe spells backfire unless there’s regret which I had none of.


This curse is called the jar rot curse hehehe intent to rot away every joy in that persons life from money to happiness in general.

Black candle

Name of both
Add an egg

Seal the jar
Hide it around their property
Visualize all the blackness of anger going into the jar coming out of your heart chakra. The yolk is a symbol for inseparable burdens.
Visualize their happiness rotting away as well as their money and health but not fully giving into death. Just torment.


Thanks for reminding me! I just got back on here


I like it. Thanks for sharing! Now is it the other person’s urine or saliva+urine or your own that you put in the jar?

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Just your own. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had a friend once complain to me about a person who was verbally abusing and harassing them through the internet. This “friend” and I were kind of attempting a long distance relationship, so I was really pissed that someone was doing this to her. Long story short, I invoked Andras to get after her. Next thing I hear, her house almost caught on fire with both her and her mother in her (the abuser’s).

This isn’t the curse that gained me the most notoriety, but that’s a whole different story.


What if i am not near where they live? Where do I put the jar?

Within months… they (the target) literally died.

It was a group working (and we DID work on it.)

It was justified.

Ripping someone’s chakras out of their body because they put a small dog in a plastic bag and threw them out the window while driving down the street. I watched the woman cry out and fall down. I did it more than once because I was so pissed. The dog lived, but it’s bow-tie on it’s head got stuck to their poor head because of the impact of landing from being thrown.
I didn’t see this happen (I read it on the Internet, after the event was brought to dozens of people’s attentions by a high priestess on a Satanic forum) but I saw the woman in my mind as I did it.
I have no regrets.


I used this chakra ripping technique on a family member who acted in a perverted manner towards the girls even sending random dick pics to the older ladies.i let him off until he called me a coward then I ripped out his chakras but left him to survive

I used another curse on a date rapist. Idk what happened to him but a Goddess told me it was going well.

Another case I didn’t curse the people it was self defense and despite my anger I honored Baron Samedis words except a few times but we can’t control how these things play out sometimes hey? I will not discuss this further

The other one was on a dude who kissed a girl after she said no.i was too insecure to stop him then so I did a ritual and he lost his pet. His friend moved across the country too.


oh I wanna hear about the one that gained you notoriety lmao that’s my kinda shit

i understand completely. my dad died too. you did right.


what’s the reason for ripping chakras what does it do or cause?