Best ex love spell

I’m trying to get my ex back as well whom is a born again Christian! Any thoughts on using Astarte’s Love Ritual performed by J.S. Garrett?

Looking for a spell to get my exgf back. She has broken up with me 3 times due to cultural differences which creates a barrier with communications sometimes. She is a little stubborn and is easily manipulated by her mother. The mother was the one who encouraged her to date me. But after being together for like 1.5 years I get to hear that her mother is talking behind my back. I irony that she was fully supportive of us and now she makes the daughter have doubts about our relationship. I really feel a special connection with her and I would like to remove all the obstacles in the way of our relationship. Currently, I am working on my own self-development and trying to become a living god. I wanna take what is mine. I know effective love spells that to get her back but I wanna remove all the negative obstacles in our way. It would be nice to get some tips on that.

evoke amon and sitri

You should sweeten her mother. Then go after your target. Together combined would make a good balance for your outcome and desire.