Best entity or ritual to break up a relationship?

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I did my research on my questions but it did not give me a concrete answer. I was wondering if anyone had worked with an entity recently to break up a relationship or did a curse?

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Some time ago I successfully worked with Malphas.
Another entity may be Gaap; there are also two Demonolatry’s curses, one has the incantation “Qui osa Satan lila fubine et kalo”.


Thank you. Where could I possibly get the Demonolatry’s curses? I did search but none appeared

May I ask why would you ask for a spirit to do that instead of stepping up and doing it all by yourself?
Simple question=simple answer.



Death hex. Can’t compete for love if you’re pushing daisies.


Buy Modern Demonolatry or since it is still here Files & eBooks (Downloads) – I guess it’s also okay to freely get it, there are two sections with those breakup spells.

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Asmoday !


I second Gaap.
Andras, Forcalor, or you could go the long route and do the 33 Day breakup ritual from Gordon Winterfield’s Magickal Attack


Good day everyone, I’ve been learning all about this path for the past few months. I was actually led here in the hopes of getting my ex back who I have a beautiful connection with but due to family circumstances things were difficult and we couldn’t move forward together thanks to his meddling toxic ex. Anyhow, I’ve done some work with Amon, Lucifer, Sallos, Dantalion and Asmodeus to break up their toxic relationship and return my love to me in addition to me becoming my better self. Things have progressed wonderfully, as we are on good speaking terms whereas before it was a rough end and there was no contact for three months. Anyhow, things are moving in the right direction. I can just feel it. He is still with his ex but again, I have faith, I believe and I don’t concentrate on the physical, especially that it’s toxic. My question, for the past few months, I’ve been seeing Ravens by my home, beautiful Ravens and about a month ago I had bought seeds to plant Marigolds around my garden. I hadn’t thought anything of it. This morning, I looked by the window and a beautiful Raven landed on my fence. Still, didn’t think anything of it. A few moments ago, I just thought of Malphas out of nowhere. I knew nothing of him other than being a Goetic demon of course but I had not worked with him before or anything. Could it be that this is Malphas reaching out to me? I just find it odd that of all the seeds I bought, I bought Marigolds and that’s his flowers and I keep seeing Ravens which I read is how he manifests. I’d love to think he’s coming to me and I’m wondering if he’s trying to offer his help in some way? I’m gonna try and meditate on it but was wondering if anyone had any experience with Malphas coming to them or if he deals with love matters. Thanks friends :blush:

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Well duh, I realize I should have added a photo of when I feel like dear Malphas has reached out to me. I have a little deer that came by as well and wondering if that symbolizes anything too. =) image

Asmodeus has never failed me. He does it very quick and efficiently. The last break up he did for me was so effective that this bitch he got rid of for me will never come sniffing around again.


In the DOM book it describes Asmodeus with these qualities he can be petitioned for:

To make something valuable go unnoticed so that it will not be stolen. To develop your intuition regarding major decisions. To develop a personal ability to a previously unattainable level. This applies to mental, creative and physical skills, including crafts and technical work.

Are you saying you completely just asked him for a straight up break up and he delivered? Did you have prior relationship with him? I hear people suggesting him often for breakups but then I see Leraje for stuff like that and Dantalion for changing a person’s heart and mind so having a hard time deciding on who to ask. Can I just ask all 3 for the same thing? Did you? Lol


What metod did you used to contact Asmodeus? Or what kind of ritual did you make?

I am in need of a breakup spell asap can you please let me know how you did it ? Do you think it can work for stubborn long distance targets as well?

spells written in blood and released in fire are most potent

employ a fire and forget policy.
will it so, but do not await and check for results. know it will be and forget about it.

obsessing about result is to doubt your will-in-action and this corrupts outcomes.

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