Best demons for love and fixing issues

i have people who are in the way i will call thing 1 2 3

1 and 2 are obsessed with him and 3 has a boyfriend but their love life is going down hill

the person i love ho loves me back i will call puddin

puddin cares for me but 3 is trying to take him away from me i am using a poppet a Gris Gris and honey jar and love drawing powder to keep him i need some demons to teach me or help me i also have some mental issues i would love to get of what can i do to stop the 2 obsessed ones and to stop 3 from taking him i would love to have puddin chase after me or openly show his love for me

any help

any names and info of demons

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A online magician (Chris of Sorcerous Endeavors) wrote: “Please note that Love & Lust energies are some of the trickiest to work with…surpassing even baneful and money workings in difficulty.”

But he added: “Love work is complicated, but worthwhile. Even bad relationships can be improved upon with the right magical work!”