Best Demon to remove this obstacle/person?

There’s this girl who annoys the fuck out of people and I am no exception. We were friends until I found out she was talking behind my back constantly wanting to make herself look better. So recently my friends and I decided to go on a vacation and she wanted to come , so we agreed to have her with us. And now I find out she has been trying to find ways to leave me out.
Who is the best demon to help with this kind of problem?
Any techniques to prevent her from interfering in my life would be appreciated too.
Thank u in advance.

King Vine, as he is known for destroying obstacles, would be my suggestion if straight up removal is your goal.

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Author S. Connolly has a very powerful coriander bane spell which functions perfectly. Book: modern demonolatry

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Not a spirit, but:

I have done this successfully.


Does this work on keeping potential people who may block my target? I need to isolate my target.