Best demon to build a relationship with?

Is there a demon I can work with a grow closer with to help me start my career and build it?

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What type of career

I’m aiming at starting my career finance.

Paimon, Bune, Some say Clauneck ,Azazel and belial can do whatever really.
Bethor if you want Olympian.
There’s also a bunch from kingdoms of flames. You’re spoiled for choice here.
Evoke them. Read about them and others experience.
See what comes to you stronger vibes from and go with it.


The first demon to build a relationship is your own dark core.

Purify it and rid it of shame, guilt and taboo.

Then you are ready for other relationships.


The one that comes out of the blue dropping signs left, right and center. Saying ohh ohh pick me. lol.

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Can never go wrong with Lucifer :slight_smile:

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