Best demon to break up and create discord and hate in a couple

Hi everybody ,
Probably this question was asked before , I don’t know where to look for it, but who is the best to work with to break up a couple and create discord and hate between 2pertners in a couple?
Thank you for all your suggestions

Astaroth and Asmodeus excel in this.


Agares can cause Earthquake that’s an Allegory For Chaos as well as littéral Earthquake

You could also create an Egreggore that would absorb the Love between those two person and Transmute it in Hate, before sending it back into those Person, i recommend creating the Egreggore using energy from Mars and Venus along with Fire

The goddess Eris Discordia.

Hekaltor is freaking good :slight_smile:
I used to break two strong relationship with him. Call him without hesitation.


[quote=“Narcissus, post:5, topic:8898”]Hekaltor is freaking good :slight_smile:
I used to break two strong relationship with him. Call him without hesitation.[/quote]
Does it have sigil?

Thank you for your answers. Upon a meditation and asking for help 2 friends came forth: set and asmodeus. I had to start working on it, is kinda pressing for me, before I got all your answers. I need to Break 2 couples so each friend choose their favorite one. If is not going to work I will use all other suggestions. The egregoire sounds good too. I was wondering how long it takes to see some results for this kind of work. It is my first time doing it, I guess is part of my development and asscension.

If you don’t mind Judaic currents you can always evoke Zucciel, a Judaic demon who appears as a giant book with a face in it. He encourages narcissism and collapses marriages. Very powerful!


If you could send me some info and experience with him by pm I would definitely appreciate that, but of course I understand if you can’t

I’ve used some hoodoo-esque magick to break people up. It’s worked for me. So you’ll need some sour candy that has sour powder, a plastic ziploc bag, black string, and two strips of paper. First write the names a birthdates of the people on the papers. Next empty all of candy out until just the powder remains. Empty the powder into the ziploc. Place the names inside and bind it with the black string. Activate the bag by shaking it while visualizing the couple fighting and hating each other. Shake it whenever you want to to increase its power or until you get the result.


I like yours. I should have started with something easy like that. I think is kinda too mellow for me now…I jumped directly into a hard core one using set and asmodeus …and I already had results. I think is too late to go to a mellow one now, thank you for the suggestion anyway, I will try it in future.


I’ve been doing it and they both seem super happy together despite my workings. Ooooooops!

amon, gaap, leraje, andras,furfur, raum, glasya labolas, bael,. These are the demons not mentioned that can cause hate, discord, friction, anger etc… between couples. Just go down the list and try them all. lol. It’s like sending many assassins. They got their own style of hurting. haha. See which one gets it done first. Make it a race/competition. reward the winner demon. =o)


I’ve heard Belial’s frat for that. And image had success with Amon. In any case I trust everyone I’ve communicated with. They know what’s best for me.

Hello! I´d like to have any further information about Zucciel, I tried to google this name, but found nothing about this entity. Would be very nice if you could write more about. I am sure many people would be interested. Or maybe you could tell your source, literature about.

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