Best demon to become irresistible and loveable

Hello everyone.

In my short time in this forum I’ve gotten lots of knowledge and insights that have guided me in my magick journey and I’m so grateful for it.

As I posted in another section of the forum, I’ve had small money successes working with Duke Bime. Also I have recently casted a love spell with my blood, a red candle and the invocation chant for Sallos, the goal is to attract the love and desire of an specific person that has rejected me before and I’m waiting for the results. I do like this person but I’m not completely attached to him so I’m not very obsessed with the results, just curious.

I would like to ask which demon should I invoke and start a relationship with so I can become an irresistible woman to any man of my choice. My problem ever since I started dating in my teen years is that I managed to get attention from men, but most of the times they just want to have intimacy with me and not pursue a relationship. This has damaged my confidence a lot and I’ve tried to correct it with therapy and law of attraction practices but it hasn’t changed even if I’ve tried for years.

So, what I want is to become the kind of woman that men commit to and truly fall in love with for the long run, and can have any man she wants as a partner. I want to attract love, commitment and fidelity, not only sexual attention.

Could you please suggest any entity that could help me with this? By the way, I have also tried prayers to angels but it has never given me any results so I would prefer to work with demons in this case.

Thank you all!


Rather that a demon, you might go with Inanna/Astarte.

The goddess of love and war…

Or put another way, passion and conquest


I don’t know much about her… how do I begin working with her?

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Lilith or Astarte!

Dude that’s crazy! I was just looking up Asenath Mason Magick Initatian with Lilith. I’m thinking about doing it to!

Also with Astarte omg… She is wonderful.

I have a concrencrated Sigil of Shemyaza from J.S Garrett & dude… Holy shit, the stories I hear of Astarte are powerful.

I’d recommend getting in touch with Barbie Garrett & getting a Sigil of Astarte.

However you can draw or print there sigils and evoke them & talk to them yourself & they will instruct you on how to get started with them.

It’s actually very easy! However, concencrated sigils from someone who has successful contact is always The Greatest Start, although you may have to filter the operators energy out after awhile, but usually it’s nice enough to keep with your own. (:


Amazing! I’ll start working on my own to see what my results are. Thank you!


You might start a small love altar.

Since your concern is in the realm of “glamour” as it were, I would put a focus on that kind of thing.

I’m getting a sense that a mirror would be good.

(I’m getting an image of standing in front of a mirror that you can admire yourself in and do your makeup as you connect to the goddess. Dunno if that’s some kind of channeling coming through or what. Worth a shot I’m sure.)

Otherwise, any standard love goddess practice would probably be a good start.

Her name in cuneiform:

(You could also just draw out a Dingir, followed by the name [inanna/Astarte/ishtar]…)

One of her symbols is an eight pointed star representing Venus:

She is also associated with Lions


why glamour and mirrors? the girl said she gets enough sexual attention and she is not after that


Exactly, this information is good but I want to attract love, commitment and fidelity. Sexual attention I have plenty of already.

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Look up Demon Sallos. it is said he can help bring true love.

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Also goddess Hera is a goddess of marriage, women and family.

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I have already asked Sallos for help with an specific person that I want. I did a small ritual with a red candle, his sigil and chant and blood. I’m yet to see results but I did it very recently so I guess it’s a normal timeframe.


I dunno, might’ve lost track of the thread in the day or so between response.

(Also, I guess I was connecting with Astartes energy…lol)

Either way, though…Astarte is still a goddess of love and a good bet, but op can do what she wants.


Thank you. I will try with Astarte.

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How can ı talk to them. I never talk to any spirits before so im scared

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ahh … the law

It doesn’t seem like there are many people on this platform with more serious aims - than just trying to fix a love life, or hex an ex…

Anyway… if I were you I would avoid a demon, especially for such a reason. Unless you want to end up in a seriously rotten situation later on in life.

Go and find a Deity, a God, that is associated with Love like Kamakhya, or Kamadev, or Aphrodite. Become a devotee of such a Being, and let that energy permeate your life.


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I would work with both Aphrodite and Lilith. Lilith to become irresistible (or any of her sisters) and Aphrodite to become lovable/love yourself (never hurts to work on self love).