Best demon for money spell?

Please tell me which demon can help me with money spell and give me spells for this.

Please try using the search function. We have an entire subsection devoted to Money workings and I’m going to move this there.


Fortuna, Agrat bat Mahalat, Faunus, Hermes, Evoke who your connected with already. Stare into Right Eye as for Guidance through financial struggle. Study the Planets and your birth chart find when your strongest or when you have the most luck.

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The best Demon for money, is a job. If money spells worked, magicians would be rich from the ritual with no need to offer services or products to others.
But energy follows thought. Visualizing money coming to you ( in the PRESENT time ), continually might work.





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Mammon is fast, clauneck too. Astaroth and so on even jupiter.


Duchess Bune.

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I’d personally suggest the 7 lords of luck in Chinese mythos.


Be very mindful of how you choose to target here. Magick usually makes you a bit more than you think is possible. Consider that statement carefully.

Wealth consciousness takes steps just like being a highly magnetic sexual being takes microsteps of results and realizations to get there. Pathworking.

Small game money magick works phenomenally well, a few hundred bucks out of the blue here and there, down to $5 taped under a chair at a seminar. Even when I was broke as a joke this would happen, a friend would randomly hand me a grand from his money clip when we were talking about cars and how mine needed some work done to get legal for the year. Days after a working with Nitika I let go of. Guy said “Eh, what’s a few hundred bucks between friends?” We’re in business and we’re the epitome of Gebo. Most my circles are now.

Start with your current sphere of influence and reach just beyond it for ritual. Your affinity for money magick will increase as you learn “wow, this really works!” bit by bit all the way up to the big windfalls.

Often it will be a new opportunity, could be a raise or bonus, anything you currently have as a pathway will be utilized. So open up more pathways for results to flow through. This is key.

Case in point with the rest of this thread: it’s a problem for many magicians to get caught in the idealistic “hur duurr magick should be able to do ANYTHING so I’m not gonna waste time building a business or side income stream. I’m a wizard and I do it all magicially!”

They’re forgetting half the equation. Opportunities are results. Use them and follow your intuition.

Look at real world actions as building pathways for results and your results will fly towards you.

All that said I really like the Angels of Omnipotence, Clauneck, Bime, and Nitika.

They’ll all do amazing things, just depends on how much you actually want the result you’re painting and what you’re willing to do for it. Money and Love take the most work outside magick and it’s the easiest to get wrong with bad beliefs about both

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If you really want to get serious, manifest spare change of an exact amount. Something laughable.

When it manifests you’ll know you’re tapped in and from there you can spiral out to the bigger stuff bit by bit. Before you know it you’ll be amused at everyone saying it doesn’t work for money or is unspiritual or whatever

Go manifest 83 cents, or 3 cents. Anything. Then $5. Then $20. You get it. Pulling $10k when you work the drive thru at taco bell is going to feel like a miracle if it happens at all and it likely won’t.

When you see big opportunities unfold you just have to use after working with a finance spirit you’ll know they’ve responded. Lean into it and with enough steps those previously impossible $10k results will become quite common. Then aim for more. Next thing you know you’re getting chance results like saving a few hundred grand on processing or what have you.

Spiral out