Best demon for an odd request

I’m struggling financially and having a hard time making my car payment. That said, my year, make and model of car have a known fuel leak issue with a fire danger, the manufacturer has only offered a recall for one model year which isn’t mine. I’ve contacted the dealer, explained my situation but they said it’s not covered as there is no recall even tho it’s the same exact problem as the model year covered. The leak is so bad that it smells inside the car to the point of being nauseating.

Anyhow enough of the back story, since the dealership won’t cover the repair under recall, what demon would be best to call upon to say ignite the fire? Speed up he inevitable.

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Maybe a demon that it’s associated with fire or a demon that can change reality.
Like Beelzebub or Belial or king Paimon.

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Make sure you request that you or anyone you care about isn’t hurt or killed with that.


I’d prefer that it happen on the way to work, but that I get out of the car and away from it safely.