Best deity for reclaiming what is yours?

Bear in mind I am an Odinist, but my work as I have posted in the past through dishonest fuckery owes me a huge chunk of change…

This being said the US department of labor is on the case, I just have to get all the documents together for them so they can send an investigator in and get my cash, most likely they will settle fast as they do not want the US DOL to be digging in too much, this can cost them not only this contract with the DOD but Nationally…

This money would change my life, allow me to pay off medical bills, my truck and even help out my daughter and ex wife with same… Enough left over to go some place and start a new life…

Whom would be the best to help me with this?

Norse or not, as long as I get the result/

Thank you so much,
my best,

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Hopefully with the lady I want to start one with…

Andromalius, he’s good, really committed to hunting thieves and making them repay you, friendly and professional in my experience as well:


AS always thank you generous lady :wink: I will look into him as well…

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You’re welcome, keep us posted if you need anything! :+1:

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Lilith is good for reclaiming yourself and your power too. Can probably work for monetary issues if you are justified.

Tyr the mighty god of justice and Forseti the god of ethics would both be mighty northern allies in this endeavor.


Nice pick :slight_smile:

Andromalius and Seere.

I know I have posted on this before, but cannot remember where etc…

My job decided a few years ago against the service contract act to force the Guard team, to also perform an extra job duty, but decided they PER the SCA not to pay us the wages that they are required to by DOL LAW.

the past few months have seen fuckery to the enth degree with not paying us correctly, screwing up pay checks etc…
I have gotten the Dept of Labor involved and they are going after 3 years back pay on this that I am entitled to… I just want what is mine, sick of this shit…

Whom would be the best to turn to in order to make sure this happens and I get my money…
My personal instinct is to have a scorched earth with this and lay waste with the DOL as they could lose nation wide contracts because of this, but I just want what is mine once and for all without them screwing me around and still short dicking my pay, or the final pay out… rough estimate $64,000 …
In the mean time I have applied to a job close to my home . no commute nd a bit more than I make an hour, plus 3 12’s!!!
So fingers crossed… I just want my money and my life back, I have give up far too much of the past 10 years of my life, marriage and my time to this thankless ass job…

My best to you

Here you go, if you click on your own profile then Activity you can find all your own threads, or, use Search for the terms you know you used. :+1:

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It was not showing on my phone… You rock :slight_smile:
Thank you :slight_smile:

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I am being pulled in 29 different directions right now, You are awesome, I forget, or my phone does not display things and can not find them… :slight_smile: much appreciated merging … you can delete the others if you wish no worries… this one is awesome…

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