Best daimon for my work

Hello everyone, I read a lot of article of the forum and compared to my situation I hesitate about the demon to invoke this time.
I explain my situation: I failed with sex with a friend two weeks ago but, without my understanding why, she stopped talking overnight. This friend does not interest me at all for a love story in the long term (anyway, we will move away geographically). On the other hand, she no longer responds to my messages and I would like her to recontact me in order to have sex with her (once or twice) if possible.
I read a lot of positive things about Sitri, Sallos and Beleth.
Sallos builds romantic relationships, he is very good but he is not appropriate to the situation. Sitri creates sex, that’s exactly it! But I wonder if he will be able to bring it back to me when she has cut the bridges completely and refuses to talk to me. Will not that block it? Beleth meanwhile … I do not know if it can be more useful to me as I do not see it anymore.

In addition, new moon is the best moment to work with demon or it’s better i wait a friday moment ?

Thank you for your response !

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If you want straight up sex i would probably go with Sitri. If you think there might be a problem then I would scry into his sigil and ask him if he can work with the current situation.


Yeah It will be wonderful.
Especially that I think it happened to me in dream last night. This is why I decided to register on this forum.
He appeared to me in a mirror in the dream as a very friendly black man who smiled at me. He looked incredibly nice. He told me that he gave me some time to know exactly how to pronounce my request. And he told me he would help me when my petition was totally ready.

My only obstacle is to know if he can bring back this girl in spite of all the psychological and material obstacles that she has created to see me again and to talk to me again. Is he going to make her mad enough to make me contact her again, all by herself, without going through someone else?

I trust him but it is she who scares me because she is really hard headed. lol

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I think that if Sitri made contact with you then that constitutes a green light. I would proceed as planned.

Maybe it was my imagination? I do not have an occult faculty apart from my tools. I do not know if I can speak with Entities apart from signs. Could you give Sitri a message about my situation? To have a real confirmation? Thank you, I would make you the same, if I can.

And for the gift, a gift of incense every night during the next lunar will be enough?

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No, I don’t do that because it makes people lazy and dependent. However you aren’t without means. You can use pendulum divination to communicate with Sitri. Banish and clear your space. Then gaze into Sitri’s sigil and call upon him and ask him to communicate through the pendulum. Ask him what you will.

Scrying isn’t that difficult to learn. The only real hangup that people seem to have is learning to trust what they see. There’s nothing for it but to actually begin trusting the process.


Ah ok excuse-moi i though your propose that in your first message, i didn’t understand what you said.
Ok, so you think Sitri would be the best in my situation.

Thank you.

Don’t you ever doubt yourself, if you got a feeling about this dream, then it is a right thing to do.
I also think that Sitri will be the best for your case, but I am also thinking about Belial. He can remove any limiting thoughts or emotions your friend may have towards you. Since your friend doesn’t speak to you Belial can change her mind.


Yeah I can see how you might have read it that way. What I meant is that this is how I would handle it if I were you. As far as what I think about Sitri, do what I suggested and communicate with him. Then you will discover for yourself if he is right for the job.

The impression that I am getting is that maybe you are afraid of failure or making a mistake. The best thing that I can tell you is to get over it. It’s okay to make mistakes. And it’s better to make them with something like this that isn’t life or death.

Thanks to both of you. I had not thought of Belial … he’s a Saturnian demon, I do not know if he’s suitable for sex … there were already testomony that he could create sex between woman et man ?

He can bestow some alpha male qualities on you that women seem to like. That’s the only context I’ve heard of with Belial in this kind of work.

Ok but if the women doesn’t see this man… it’s no use.

I think at this point it’s a discussion to be had with Sitri. I’m not blowing you off but at some point the work has to start. You’ve got some doubts. That’s fine. Set them aside for a while and just try what I suggested. Dont worry about moon phases and such right now. just get started

Okay, thank you, I would update my progress regularly.
In addition, silly question … Well I do not think it’s a problem but I do not have a red candle, I’m going to use a purple or pink candle.

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Believe it or not I typically just use white candles. it’s not that important. Back in the day colored candles weren’t even a thing.

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Okey, I read in a book that he must be conjured thursday… it’s strange for a venusian force… what do you think about ?
Others questions, sigil and petition can be on the same paper ? must we burn the sigil during the ceremony or only petition ?

Dont worry about days and times. As for the second question you can do it either way. I don’t bother with written petitions. They can be useful to the extent that they help you clarify what you want. In any case I would burn the sigil after the desire has been fulfilled.

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Okey. And, there is a question that i always wondered aboud ashes after ritual. I live in a appartement. Must i bury the ashes under the land in my court or must i keep ashes on my house ?

Open a window and release the ashes to the wind.

Or dissolve them in water by flushing them down the toilet.

Thanks you. Maybe i tried to create a double ritual who integrate Belial.