Best curse for killing someone for completely destroying them

I want somebody to suffer…i want them to hurt…i thought i wouldnt ever curse anyone…but im need revenge…can any one guide me through a brutal curse that is simple and easy to cast that requures no supplys besides a personal item of the target


Seems like you already have your answers, if you ask me.

Something I’ve been testing based on simplicity is what I call a kettle spell : Bring your own words of power to the table, place a picture of the person inside and let boil.


i would suggest forgiving, revenge doesn’t really result in anything but only making things worse and honestly its no point just find something else to do thats fun that will take your mind off of revenge but thats up to you .


or simply just stay away from this person


Go for it if you are murderer
You know killing using magick or shooting a gun on someone is indistinguishable?
and you will be the cause of a death(not a spirit or spell)
You’re magician not a murderer just curse or Binding the bitch.

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