Best books that you have read

Hi Magi,

I want to learn baneful magick and protection magick.

What are the ebst books that you have read?
Which ones do you recommend??

Thanks :slight_smile:


All the books of the illuminati.

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As for Baneful Magick,
-Baneful magick of EA Koetting;
-Works of Darkness of EA,
-Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield.

For protection magick,
- Magickal Protection by Damon Brand
- Protection and Reversal Magick by Jason Miller

Sure there are also books where you may find baneful and protection magick together, for example in The Kingdom of Flames, or The Book of Azazel by EA, or The Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield.


Thanks EVERYONE :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @ZAMRAN and @ElectricDragon

Have you tried a Master Curse from Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfied. If not, any other methods you worked with from that book? I got the book as well, I just want to know your experience. Also have you used any circles for the Ritual for GoM books? Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks

I have not read that book or used that curse.

I tried something else on my own. Take a candle, inscribe the name of the target on it using a knife or permanent marker. Inscribe what you want to happen with the target e.g. curse, badluck, hatred, negativity, etc. Charge the candle by some means e.g. reiki, evocation, mantra, etc. then burn the candle at the altar and sit tight. the target is sure to experience stuff that you have inscribed on the candle :wink:


Hi @ElectricDragon
Have you used the Black color candle? You know what I have shoes & an underwear of the receiver. Lol

I am not sure who do i incorporate that into my ritual to make the connection & curse more stronger. Let me know if you have any insights on this one as well. Thanks

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Lolz :slight_smile:

Yes black color will be very good for baneful stuff :wink:
Pick some strands of underwear and wrap around the name of the target that you inscribe on the candle. Thats it! It will make the connection stronger than not doing it.

If you want when doing the magick hold the shoes in your hands and say what you want to happen to him. This will also work.