Best books on money magic

List your most powerful books on money magic. I want to learn more rituals and spells to manifest more money more powerfully.

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I’ve always had the most consistant success with the Law of Attraction, not overnight sums but steady growth, or getting the item or service I wanted the money for, free - I also ask spirits for advice on things, and (most of the time) listen carefully to what they say.

The Ars Goetia, part of the Lemegton, Their is a Lot of Spirit in it that can, if you listen to them and work with them with Dedication and Efforts, show you how to attain wealth,

Of course it is not an overnight process, as all things its a continuous efforts and works, But i think that working with Demon such as ,Belial, Clauneck, Bune etc… will prove to be very effective

I suggests Gordon Whites Chaos magick book, it has a very good financial section. But what Mephistor and Lady Eva said is great advice and works together perfectly. White says Hermes is great for money.

Financial Sorcery by Jason Miller.

Money Magick by Frater U.D.

Wealth Magick by Damon Brand


Dint laught guys.but I have household magic.a booklet and it has a few rituals for worth for me.I have read a few books.ebooks.and still come up new ones.most sucks.tis book cost $30 from has a few rituals on anything u need.also magic tat cut fail has a few rituals to invoke gods of money.very simple and good.

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I’m having some very good results in gambling at this time that I am attributing to the process outlined in Damon Brand’s Wealth Magick.

I’d agree with Damon brand

I like EA’s eBook better xD

quote(magical cashbook @ page 30):

Open your cashbook on the frst blank page of the book and write the following words of power:
These words of power are a statement that means it is you will to recognize god[…]

~~This and all the hebrew stuff, gives me the unpleasent thought, that it could be possible that the demiurge could be involved -am i right??

The best book on money magic is the most popular one at the moment.

Not because it works, but because it is bringing the author lots of money.


~But… Does it work? And are there side effects to it?

One of my friends got this, we went halves (it’s really cheap anyway) and were going to work through it together, but when I saw all that stuff I opted out, it just isn’t something I want to have in my life. I don’t know if she got results afterwards using this, she’s pretty good with magick but hasn’t mentioned the book much.

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Well I speaking archeons or whatever gnostic call them bcse try are beings if space or planets .I know weird,but if look by classic such mamon Lucifer etc u be done by u 12 spirt. Try daemonic dreams look by houndstooh author his books are if want to go cheaper go to Amazon kindle subscribe and read hundred if free magic ebooks in money

magickal riches - Damond Brand
7 occult money rituals - Henry Archer
Goetia Pathworking - Corwin Hargrove

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