Best angels for attraction/seduction?

Hi guys,

In Damon Brand’s “Magickal Seduction”, there’s the 3rd ritual that is supposed to create an aura of (sexual) attraction around you. I believe that ritual (and that whole book) calls some fire spirits.

Wondering if there are angels that can also help us create an aura of attraction? Haniel may be? Who else? (I know there are certain demons that can do this. But I’m specifically asking about angels…)



Do you want only angel recommendations?

Because the planetary powers of Venus can be used as well. Jason Miller’s “Invocation of the Seducer” does this.

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Anael (I’m not sure if he’s the same as Haniel) and also, for example, Hagiel and Tharsis.

Hi @DarkestKnight, yes angel recommendations please :slight_smile:
Is that something Haniel can do?
Any other angels?

(Which angels are used in “Invocation of the Seducer”?)

No angels. It uses the powers of Venus.

However, as @fapa79 mentioned, Anael is the Archangel of Venus and should be able to help (according to some sources, he is the same being as Haniel).

Another option is Hagith, the Olympic spirit of Venus. While not strictly an angel, the Olympic spirits are somewhat close to it.


Which book is this in ?

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To what are you referring? The Invocation of the Seducer?

It’s in Jason Miller’s book Sorcerer’s Secrets.


Yes and yes.

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So the book “Magickal Seduction” only talks about Raziel who connects you to Sisera and Jazar who are described as “genius spirits” which could be fire spirits meaning they are elemental’s but I suspect they are thought forms.

Raziel can also get you in touch with other spirits and many angels.
Angels don’t usually specialize in seduction and lusty stuff… maybe they release an angels of lust but it’s not too common but…
Here some love and or attraction sort if angels
Yeliel, Lelahel, Yezelel (to reunite lovers)
Lovel, Eshaliah, Mihel,
Chavuiah (to increase love but more for already in relationships)

I have also used other angels indirectly Hariel to find peaceful pathways to anothers heart,
and Poiel has the ability to obtain any desire, but probably just not too perverted, at least I’d imagen.

Archangel Haniel may have some abilities such as improving sexual performance, and Archangel Uriel has the ability to help you increase love in your heart and project it on to the world better. I like to do this one every so many days it is a great ritual.


@TheSaga the angel Hariel is from 72 Angels of Magick right?

Also, any thoughts or experience about the angel Amiel, as well as Phul the Olympic spirit? I heard they’re both good for seduction :slight_smile:


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Beleth, hands down.
You know angels ain’t the good guys and demons aren’t the bad guys. Some angels are total dicks and demons are your best friends.

I’ve always wondered, but let’s take god, Satan, angels, and demons, How do you know which one is which and if they’re all immortal with powers wouldn’t they all be the same? So in my book, they’re all gods.

Who made the distinction? The goddamn Christians in their attempts to blaspheme all other spirits. Is it really a wonder why Christian prayer never gets answered? They don’t even know what prayer is, they say they’re prayers get answered but because “yes and no” are both answers they really don’t tell us if they got what they wanted. So desperate to make unbelievers believe their bullshit that they will lie their asses off or be manipulatively deceptive.

Trust me, the Goetian gods come thru.

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Which books are Haniel, and Hariel in?

Sorry to revive this topic.
Which book are these Angels found?

Can you explain “indirectly” please

I can’t believe, looking back I left out Amiel. I suppose she is better for new love,
With the others focusing on bringing back love it’s hard to say because well it’s a tough situation,
Amiel can bring multiple people in a day, she is awesome too because she will hang out and chill with you longer than most angels. Her picks can be odd but makes me want to hang out with her more and know her more.

@kompisraphael Haniel is from Archangels of Magick, and @Awake awake Hariel is from 72 angels of Magick.
I am a bit surprise I mentioned them, just a little, Haniel might be able to increase your appeal, I sort of see something like Haniel better in established relationships, but the idea would be to invoke his power and thats a 3 day ritual, not as hard as it sounds but it is kind of. Hariel offers peaceful pathways so I would always ask for peaceful pathways back into someones heart.

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Thanks @TheSaga
Amiel Sounds awesome. I think I will work with him.