Best and most vicious demons for baneful works

Just going to open this up. Which would be your top demons for really going all out on someone?


If i’m wanting a victim to truly suffer then i summon either Dra’talon, Methsan or all the Demons in the Qliphothic shell of Samael under Adrammelech. All of them bring the slowest and most painful of deaths.

Sometimes i offer someone up as a sacrifice to Naamah or Lilith, depending on who it is and why, but generally both enjoy that kind of thing when they are in the mood for it.

And so far the most brutal curses i’v yet seen come from Asmodeus and Golachab.

There are others of course, Abaddon, Belial, Samael, et cetera but the ones listed above are usually the ones i employ the most ATM.


Andras and Azazel are real vicious and sadistic little suckers in my experience. Give em a generous crossroads liquor offering and a mish mash of nasty goofer dust gris gris type encouragement and they’ll more than likely defy your greatest expectations.


The most brutal curses I’ve ever thrown have been from necromancy. Fast acting and all at once. Demons are like cats. They like to toy with their victims before going in for the kill. Vine and Belial have both given me some pretty hilarious and brutal results.


Lucifuge rofocale. He is quite ruthless with bloodshed