Bending the fabric of this construct

In EAs newest live stream he shares his wisdom passed down from Abaddon.
It is the wisdom of operating straight from your pneuma and projecting your purest energy and intent into the fabric of this construct using that primal spiritual power that the Ancients are trying to revive within us all. Those whose seek after the darkness and sovereignty,asserting their authority as fully intended, will understand Abaddons keys as a way to displace anything and anyone set against you.
Bending or manifesting your will into this fabric of the construct, is the way wars will be won in the future.
Has anyone here had any success or more insight into what he’s laid the foundation for today thru sharing his journey with Abaddon?
I’d love to hear .


He laid the foundation for another product. Wait for it, he will probably publish a book about it or add it to one of his courses. EA doesn’t waste his time. There’s something to sell coming next that will answer all questions he knows people will have in mind after watching any video he makes. He’s a good salesman.

It’s business and I personally appreciate that he shares the information. This platform wouldn’t exist otherwise.

I hope Adaddon explained to him the details of this kind of work. Otherwise it will be just another package for the same material and people won’t notice any difference in results. What he’s talking about - if he received the full information - should provide almost instant results for any kind of magick work. If that’s what he’s selling then I recommend to buy it whatever it is. If not… well, still probably going to be an interesting read about his adventures and conversations with Demons and Gods of darkness, and like always, the artwork will look pretty cool !