Bend over oil and a picture

What kind of love or obsession spell could I do with bend over oil and his picture ? I was thinking about doing the cotton jar spell which consisted of a jar, cotton, paper, pen but I feel a picture of the target is much stronger then a paper with his name on it… a girl told me she took her targets picture and on the Back she wrote his name and DOB , she poured salt in the inside of the picture folded it and poured bend over oil on it and burned it over a candle saying “you are mine until I say otherwise” she said it made him obsessed… but I thought burning pictures and stuff was like wishing them away from you or banishing them I wouldn’t think it could be used in a spell to make them obsessed… your thoughts on me doing it the way she did it? And if you have a spell or ritual you know of please let me know.

Hey I would personally do proper ritual, not those jar things- they fade away quicker. Are you ok with summoning spirits ? What is the aim ? obsession or love ? Short term thing or long term thing? Was there connection between you and target ?

Thank you thank you for answering and attempting to help … to answer your question I want long term & I want whichever would be strong whether it’s love or obsession & yes he is my ex I broke up with him a month ago for cheating & lying about it… I want to be with him again but I want to make sure that never happens again … so I was looking for either a love spell or obsession spell if you know a ritual please let me know

Yea I am focusing on love/lust work for years so I have plenty of them. How experienced are you ? And do you work with spirits ?

I wouldn’t say I’m experienced but I did use blood magic(voodoo) on my husband years ago… I used no spirits just my strong intentions and my menstrual blood and it worked …and over a year ago I did one to get a job… I wouldn’t say I’m experienced but I can say that I can do anything I put my mind to especially if it’s something I really want

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Ok I am PMing you.

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