I’ve done a search on here and on Google about this entity. Can’t find any useful information. Only something about Charmed… lol.

On a more serious note, do you have any useful info about Belthazor? His powers, etc. Grimoires?


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he sounds close to me…

now i breath and just know who he is.

he is an earthy demon… Hazel coloured energy he appears like a demonic (meaning huge bufled up version) of a wildboar then into a comodo dragon…strong has a serpentine aspect

he has baneful powers of “earthy storms”
he has magical enpowerment powers,romantic charmic powers

Belthudor is another name that you can use

he appears now as a mix of a comodo dragon and wildboar

“he hides on abysmal shadows” says my qlippothic guide.

chant “Euthadar chaerdarthan Belthudor ok’skaka maka saynts Belmuth shakta”

he has Beelzebub as a master but the connection is not that close meaning its not the kind of od “My master my lord my king Beelzebub” but its more on a mature connection.

aslo with behemoth

rank duke sometimes he hasnt.

just my two cents
i love things like this.

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Thanks. What I saw was a classic beefy devil with wings and horns, dark red/brown skin.

So he can basically create problems or chaos in one’s life?

Would love a sigil if there is one that’s commonly used.

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yes thats what i think.

when i was breathing and just translated my knowing into words i actually saw a sigil i will do it again:

sorry but i have no talent in drawing sigils i was somehow semi possesed,aslo his voice is a medium pitch growling cold demonic voice a thundering one.

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I have seen that name appear with different spelling among multiple films, video games and television series, usually as a demon or an angel. There are references of a being with a similar name being one of the magus that traveled to meet the infant jesus in the new testament according to some traditions.

The closest to a historical reference I could find was Baltázar, who was regent for King Nabonius who the last king of the Neo-Babylon empire. He was credited for trying to bring back the worship of Marduk, who was demoted by Nabonius in favor of the moon God Sin, and was killed by the persians during the fall of the city.

Not necessarily helpful information, but may serve you in finding the answers if you are willing to follow the rabbit holds.

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