Belphegor's sigil

How does Belphegor’s sigil look ? I got a lot of different images on google search

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IDK I’m searching too. Maybe try asking belphegor but this is the best lead I’ve found

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Belphegor is Baphomet ?

No! I was just being silly. Every time someone brings up Belphegor I think of this awesome song.


Dude I typed in belphegor on YouTube and that song came up. Pretty badass song but the one after that o father o Satan o son by behemoth was sick af.
Interesting though he doesn’t have a listed sigil


I used one from “the book of the witch moon” by Micheal Ford I believe

I don’t have the book on me atm but maybe @charles9 can help, he helped me

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Well that was intense.

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The only one I found was probably the same one you found:

(Scroll down, Belphegore’s sigil is on this page …)

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That’s his sigil ?


This one is S Connolly’s i believe, it’s will work for summoning Belphegor just fine, you can also look up the ones used by The Temple of the Black Light, (my personal favorites) or Michael W. Ford’s and of course the ones made by Asenath Mason, it’s all online, i’d post links but most are probably not legal…:man_shrugging: