hello guys i want to start inventing phones to the market its my pressure to get the idea of invention and practical work. so am trying to invoke Belphegore for that sort of help since he is a lazy deity that has more knowledge in inventions. i need more advice from you guys. i have 3 green candle but don’t have sandalwood incense i want to ask if bi can use any incense at all to invoke/evoke him/her i promise to name the phone company to his suggestion or in his name

Most earthy incense should be fine, along with a decent offering. You should have some background in what you want too accomplish though. Just because Belphegor can inspire you, doesn’t mean s/he will beam the info in to your head if you don’t already have some idea of what you are doing. Belphegor unlocks potential and it helps to have a foundation to build from.

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i have some intentions about building a phone from my childhood but i just need some small practical works like the things i will need to build the motherboard and how i will put them together to form the phone.

lucifer is also good in inventions also so i will call on him also through Belphegore guidelines

Well, give it a shot, but here is a tip: Belphegor doesn’t like being looked over. So if you want to call both of them, do it one at a time. Belphegor wants your full attention when you are working with them.


okay. can you tell me some process of calling him. should i call him on the toilet?

The toilet thing isnt really necessary, but if you want to its okay too. The Dukante sigil works well for calling them, along with a simple chant of “Io Belphegor” or their Enn. I will add more later, but i have some stuff to do for now.

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okay brother. am gonna get his sigil as soon as possible

Belphegore is still conjured from some magicians with help of excrements. In the old grimoires his image is that he is sitting on wc. Just an idea for you. Besides he is the wrathful God of the Black Sun, of the Qliphot Thagirion. Is a masculine deity.


Yesterday I burnt incense in his name on my wc. I will burnt same today then tomorrow I will call upon him on the wc

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Masculine energies but it’s also common for him to appear as a woman or whatever the magician finds most appealing sexually.

Belphegor is powerful but also very hedonistic. So offerings of things many people would call “guilty pleasures” are usually accepted.

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Do the magician have to have affair with him before his request will be granted or he can offer anything just like the other demons

Honestly i think for Belphegor a long running relationship gains you the best results for what you want. It creates a consistent flow of energy and ideas that help you prosper.

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@UnseelieDiabolus bro I want you to be my personal friend is you don’t mind

What time is best for me to invoke him

Nothing personal, but I don’t attach to people very well usually. But I am happy to answer questions as best I can. Essentially acting as Belphegor’s “PR Rep” is part of my agreement with him since I have a long running relationship with Belphegor, who has become my Patron Demon.

As for time of day, Bel is a solar entity, but I have never had any problems contacting him in the evenings.

thanks bro. I want to contract belphegor for 20 years

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I do advise you getting to know them and how they work first and starting with a smaller time frame to get the hang of it. I can’t link directly to the video because of rules, but if you find my YouTube channel (Banjax Doolali) I have a couple videos up on my work with Belphegor.

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Something miraculous has happened since I have write my incantation of belphegor… I got up this night around 1am I took my things to start my serious incantation when I open the book all my i incantation has been removed from the book