Believe calm?

I have a question to you all, because i don’t know if this is ok… When I do rituals or other magick work, i have problem with believing in that this will work, but to be clear- I have no doubts, my feelings are just calm, but I also have no “passion of faith” if I can call this in that way. And I find it hard to enflame in emotions. What is your experiences? Will calm attitude be as effective as emotional believing or not, because I have different experiences?

I’m always calm when I need to be. You don’t have a problem, lol, Humans live on such an earthly plane and build reality on what is perceived only with the senses. You must just have faith so to speak, your words and petition will be heard without a doubt. It takes a lot to manifest in this world, and they will when they need to, it’s much easier to give you thoughts or impressions and little signs along the way.
Have you done any work in developing a sixth sense or any astral work?


I tried hard to learn oobe for six years, but with no success, so i don’t do any astral work. About sixth sences it is similar, but sometimes in rituals when i am in deep trance i have visions of beings i invoked, but not always. But when i do rituals like middle filar or invocation pentagram, i don’t need faith for them to work, because i have results later, that i did not expected.

Then it sound like your doing just fine my friend :slight_smile:

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With rituals i mentioned it is simple when repeating. When goes with invocations it isn’t. My question (maybe silly) is - Will calmness will be as effective as believing in success?

If your magick is done right, then you don’t need to believe that it will work for it to work. This is a myth. if you research Chaos magick you’ll find that even if you completely reject the idea that your ritual will work… it will work. The only condition is that you do the ritual itself correctly.

Not only that, but your disbelief could help magick to work even better because it will cause complete detachment, lust for result would be impossible.

Faith works well, but too much of it would cause subconscious resistance. Everything in ritual must be balanced. Your faith, will, emotions etc After the ritual forget about magick. Can’t believe it will work? Then don’t. The only condition is not to empower your “lack” of your desired result. If you do then you only replaced lust for result with something much worse.

You need to have a neither/neither mentality, that Austin Osman Spare explained. No need to believe that your desire will happen, but don’t empower your lack of it either. Simply accept things as they are and let whatever happens, happens.

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@PrinceX Thanks, great explanation :+1: :slight_smile:

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