I am interested in hearing the story of anyone who was once a skeptic about magick but then became a non-wavering believer in it. What was the process and background story that you went through when this occurred?

I wont tell details in public. Ive had a number of experiences in my life here and there of a highly Osychokinetic nature as well as tuning briefly into different dimensions before snapping back. These all happened within physical waking reality, then of course alot of interesting dreams and visions, and not to mention running into interesting witches and psychics which I am basically like a Law of Attraction sponge for when I…get into “my mode.”

Then there were thoze experiences or events which happened on a more massive scale that are what are my Transitionary stages into something new. So over the course of several years I investigated simple Psi techniques and using simple psychic power utilizing thick currents of emotional energy was my first use of magick. Later on I developed my own rituals as I studied a few systems as I figured out what I liked. I always spent time doing Natural things amd never really gave a thought to formal ceremonial magick. Then I got into Runes amd then finally discovered demons. After learning about this, I discovered more intricately complex ways to mix demonology with prior things I had learned.

So really without telling you my life story this is how I confirmed things for myself:

  1. Ive always been that Normal kid whom just happens to experience weirdness or magickal things when taking a serious focus in it or just by simply being around magickal people.

  2. Since I come from a normal stabilized background, I have no history of mental illness or being unstable. Im fairly healthy and resilient.

  3. Im not a drug head and I dont really drink or smoke. I may have an occassional drink here and there for social reasons if the right mood comes up.

  4. Because of this, I can look at myself straight in the mirror after remembering my experiences and say “for sure” that I am not being influenced by drugs oe any form of illness. Ithis means that anytime a magickal or spiritual influence comes into my world I can quickly identify it (I cannot be fooled, as I always take extensive measures to investigate EVERYTHING).

  5. Mentioned earlier…there are magick that works in the realm of illusions which is of the Mind/perception. However, my experience has been Psychokinetic Effects not just by Altering aspects of Situations or Life Forms, but the actual physical movement of things =) so I cam verify for a fact to myself that these things are indeed real at least to myself. I cannot prove it to you, but then again I am not interested in proving it to you other than giving my word. Im only telling you this so you can develop your own set of Verification Measures and Establish a History to verify to yourself.

For your information there are people around that are psychic and do have abilities who will try to trick you that these things do not exist. Already happened to me =) if they try that shit on you well you only have to prove it to yourself and tell them to fuck off. As far as your own evolution do what you want and prove it to yourself and forget what anyone else says unless they validate your reality. If you want to validate to yourself magick exists or not that is of course your choice

To wrap it up. My Process is I was born into a Catholic Family (fyi not the fault of my lineage as most people)…but I was born different from some people…I guess you could say I was a natural Athiest without trying to he an athiest. Father gives me a 12 hardbound collection full of nothing but a condensation of all the Bible Stories…even gave me my own personal beautiful rosary. Tried to get me to Believe but for whatever reason I just didnt seem interested (this is because Belial has been with me since I was a kid). But strangely my fwther would give me books that seemed to contradict that and all sorts of other things. Tells me the spiritual influences around me since I was young. Over the years Ive had many weird magickal experiences and every once in a awhile Huge Leaps…everything accompanied by Visions and I had explored different things. Basically I have alot of things to confirm things.

The funny thing was the entire time I was always extremely fascinated by it to be curious, but seemed to lack the mindset that Magick and Physical Reality were ever seperate. My mind was Innocent; I didnt hold room for ideas like that as I was always perfectly flowing with things. I had neither Belief nor Disbelief…only Working with the Process. Rather than frustrate over whether it was real…my only thought was to see how I could Discover and mayhaps replicate something. SO…Ssince discovering these things it has been a private obsession ever since…when I am not busy doing mundane things the world around me would beclme very magickal whenever I focused intensely on magick . thats all I cam say regarding this, hopefully you took something useful from this.

uncanny synchronicity in my 20th century experiences

that and electromagnetic phenomenon in my 21st century experiences

I may be “demonically” protected, which is fine by me. Symbiosis is the way to go. Not possession, not servitude, but partnership. Works for me.

Mums the word (as in “quiet”, not the British slang for “mommy”)

The language of the sphinx

Sorry if all that seems odd or cryptic but I wanted to respond to your post without going into a lot of details.

Thanks for sharing guys. I’m finding that I am making the transition to belief through meditation. It allows me to see the truth behind various things in my life. When I then see those things happen it strengthens my belief. Also practicing the law of attraction helps. At some point soon I may be able to manipulate events.

A water faucet turned on ‘by itself’, in a kitchen I was sitting in.

Sounds like something off Nightmare on Elmstreet =)

Become a child again. Become a dreamer.
Then recollect. You’ll soon find that your mundane life had been really magical. You’ll remember that you really did magick. Then doubt creeps in again. So, you’ll need to resist that. How? You are not innocent. Don’t be ignorant. And, simply stop being arrogant. Just accept and realise then learn. They say that even from undesirables, you will learn. From that, you’ll find my background stories that are just the same as yours.

Know that it’s more certainly true that “To believe is to see”.
That says, a “round table” is build by trust.