Belial's Help Destroying A Friendship?

Can king Belial destroy friendships? (2 people who are friends for years,can King Belial make them argue/cant stand each other?) i want from him to destroy their relationship and make them unwilling to see each other again.(i dont know if you can understand because my english is bad).

I moved this to its own topic where it’s more likely to get a response. Also, no need to do repeated posts, just one is plenty.


Most definitely.

Your English is fine, doll.

I can’t answer your question about Belial (yet), but we can understand you fine. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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Why not utilize a god like Asmodeus or Andras…those who work in a discord current.


He can do many things. But the question is always if he is willing to do it. Depends on the people. Ask him yourself.


If i offer him blood on his siglil?is it possible not helping me with my problem?