Belial's Gateway Symbols

OK I know it sounds gross…but wear it around your neck, (like a necklace) and then work out! Jog! Do something in the heat/ that makes you sweat :rofl:

If you look at his evocation keys in Demons of Magick a couple of them have to do with the body- one of them is the feel of cold sweat on your hot body, and the other is the smell of sex on the body!

Soooo, I got the idea to wear my obsidian pendulum when I work out and lather it up! :rofl: Worked like a charm!

Then- I got the idea to charge this steal pendulum I have with Belial’s sigil. Again- worked like a charm!!! I just let it hover over his sigil and it starts goin nuts!


Seems interesting… :slight_smile:
Will try this and give updates (if any)