The work shop is working on Belial today. Suppose to just sit and focus on his sigil and recite his enn. Get a feel for him.
But I have worked with him before so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised he showed up.

The encounter went like this …

"My princess…
He then brushes my cheek…

I look at him…and ask “are you with me?”

" I’m always with you."

He seems annoyed.

" You know I get your relationship with Azazel I do. I know it’s special. But Azazel isn’t the only one you can call to your side.
Any one of us , all of us are here for you.
Don’t you see… "

" You don’t realize it. We are just at your feet… we wait for you to call us. To call on us… it’s doesn’t always have to be Azazel, or just Azazel.

I stand beside you… and with you.

And deep down you know all this. So put whatever is holding you back or whatever fears you have away…

You have nothing to fear and everything to gain.

We are all here for you.
His kisses my forehead…and is gone. .

Leaving me to think about alot. :sparkling_heart:

Thank you Belial ~


Nice … Wow. Great work @Eye_of_Ra

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Mr.StealYourGirl :joy:




I hadn’t even thought about it like that …but :joy:


Interestingly I’m talking to somebody that goes by steal yo man




All I could think was awww.


But we are talking about Belial here so it fits :grin::smiling_imp:


Again I will just comment on here so it is easy to keep things all in place.
So for Belial’s sigil and energy I saw it and the background swapping between a reddish hellfire and a pure black before I was brought back to a certain part of my life. A part where I think I was unintentionally channeling him or drew his attention by the energy I was portraying lining up with his own. It was my more anarchist fuck the system phase. I was wild and intent on domination for my own rule and everyone else’s would either be exploited or fall. That was the more active dynamic sense but at the same time a darker more calm mystery beneath that initial fire that could easily swap out for being the dominant aspect. The hidden realms and lines between rebellion for pointless gains and that which serves some higher purpose and not necessarily as open as what would be seen at first.
This was also the time period where I got a bunch of people possessed by their own subconscious manifestations of mental demons and fears because I was acting without caution or restraint solely to push the limits of everything. Not something I will go to into detail with but it did lead to greater wisdom in the long run.

It seems with me I relate the energy of the sigils and demons to my own experiences that I have had or they draw me to an experience that vibrates with them if I have not had something in the past.

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Every time I talk to him he always seems to be in a rush or something

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AstaRoth is like that with me…

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They definitely seem to take a liking to some people. Other times it’s quick and straight to business. Personal preference, whether or not they are currently busy etc all tie into things.


I’m getting Nada…

From Belial?

Anyone really. I had a slight experience with Purson.

I’m not even getting sigils to flash lately.

Do a little dance. When sheer power doesn’t work, go for entertainment!


Usually when stuff isn’t working for me or giving some sign it is because I exhausted myself in some way. If you are tired try taking a rest, eating a good snack, maybe a small nap and reboot yourself a little and see if that helps…