Between 2018-2019 is when I started getting “good” at magick, then I started working with belial , he gave me everything I wanted and it all faded out now I’m back where I started… Before I left him he helped me get a place perfect for me , a girl way out my League, 100k job a year. (I was baptized in darkness, I really have zero clue what that means but it hurt lol Belial’s jacked) but now I’ve been trying to get back in the current but trying to avoid the lord of lawlessness … Another side note I allegedly got caught dead to rights for something and I was in a jail cell and I just meditated called him and within 5 hours I was out all charges were dropped recordings were gone people retracted their statements, I think imma start working with him agian even tho I know its going to be hell



bro that’s what im saying and afraid of, working and building yourself back up from the deepest shithole… to the greatest heights, but all it takes is one mistake, just fucking one

ill pm you about this

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I had quite a similar experience as you. Felt him calling to me around April 2019. He has this undeniable dark, aggressive energy. My life completely fell apart after I called on him, but I was rebuilt stronger than ever before. It took a hell of a lot of mental power to pull myself out of that pit of complete darkness, wasn’t easy. I started carrying his sigil around with me and I still believe others could feel that primal energy around me and many stayed away.
He was an incredible teacher, one that I couldn’t have gotten to this current level without. but after a year of working together I was getting filled with rage even tho my manifestations were finally happening. I bid farewell and thanked him with a final offering.

I have since gone back to Lucifer, who is my patron. He has the perfect amount of dark & light that aligns with my goals in this realm and the spiritual. Belial is incredible but it takes a strong fucking person to do a prolonged path working with him!

I have soooo many questions. Let me go slow though. Did you pathwork to contact him?

How much were you making before you worked with him?